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[TOH:R|CO][SP] Abu Wajnam: One Minute After (Medium Helicopter Transport Mission)

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Hello everyone,

I decided to release this follow up to my last mission, which finds the player in a slightly different role. It is still short, with no dialog, and there are a lot of glitches that will show up from time to time (for instance, after insertion, if your sniper team members decide to try and use the ladder they will glitch for a few moments until they or the engine figure out their attempts at leaving the rooftop are futile). I have cleaned up the mission.sqf, however, and this one no longer requires the HUD addon. (The next time I do a release of the last one, I will have cleaned up the mission.sqm there as well, but I don't plan on removing the HUD dependency from it. :P)

It should be completely playable, however, and it provides several opportunities for sharpening skills used all over the place elsewhere in the game, starting from the instant the mission begins.

Abu Wajnam:

One Minute After

Version 0.1a

by dwringer



Includes Additional scripts by:


Silola (DAC used for patrols)

rübe (script to calculate sunrise/sunset for a given date)

Mission Outline:


Abu Wajnam airfield has just been siezed by American forces;

you, the pilot of Razor team's insertion helicopter, have

just finished the task of commandeering a refueling truck

and readying your helicopter for the next assignment. Con-

sidering you and your men have been under fire the entire

time, this assignment is not altogether unwelcome.



-Random date and time

Anywhere from January 1, 1985 to December 31, 2020.

* Most missions take place during the day; about 80%

of the time when night would have been randomly

selected, the time will instead be set to either

sunrise or sunset. There is still, consequently,

about a 10% chance of getting a mission in extreme


-Random weather pattern (sans extremes)



Fayshkhabur by =KCT=BlackMamba

from http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?134624-Fayshkhabur-V1-0-Released

Arma 2: Combined Operations

Take on Helicopters: Rearmed

w/ Take on Hinds

Edited by dwringer
Fixed dead link

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