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PostProcess Anti-Aliasing, SMAA improvements

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Hi, this is my first post in this forum so I hope its in the right section.

It was good to see SMAA introduced in 1.04 patch, and improved upon in 1.05 patch.

However, I disabled it in Video Settings and used the external MOD "injectSMAA" instead, because edge detection does not work well in dark places with TOH internal SMAA.

(Is this a HDR related issue? I figure injectSMAA does all processing on the final 32bit image instead of internal HDR image)

Also, would be interesting to know what kind of SMAA implementation is used in the engine.

The current PPAA options in Video Settings are defined as "low, medium, high" wich is quite self-explainatory, but it would be nice to also see which option is SMAA 1x 2x 4x or Temporal 2x, if not in the Video Settings then at least in the patch changelog.

After reading the Jorge Jimenez paper on the different SMAA implementations and watching an example video, I would love to see SMAA T2x implimentation in the game engine, a very fast and very high quality PPAA method it seems. Especially the way Temporal AA handles all those flickering subpixel features, would make the faraway Seattle horizon look great Im sure.

Im new to helicopter sims and Im so glad I found Take on Helicopters, I absolutley love it. Such a fun and unique way of learning to fly helis.

Great work guys!

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