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Paratroopers/RAF Regiment Tactical Gaming Clan

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Hey everyone,

This is my clan's website.


My clan is a MilSim,Tactical Gaming clan. We also use a military promotion system.We are recruiting Infantry men and Pilot's.

To join our clan you have to:

~Speak Fluent English

~Own Arma 2:Free

~Be Mature

~Play tactically

~Refer to officers as "Sir

~Respect Others

~Play as a Team (No Heroic's)

~Have Skype or Teamspeak

Parachute Regiment

To get into the Paratrooper's You have to play on our training server with us

and pass basic training which well be lead by then move onto parachute training and then develop your skills further until your squad is assigned a mission.

The Parachute regiment will be broke down into 4 separate squads

1. Air Troop: Parachute in behind enemy lines and are usually sent on stealthy missions.

2. Boat Troop: Use boats to our advantage and attack from the sea ( you may have to swim).

3. Mobility Troop: Use Vehicles such as Trucks and Cars to infiltrate and may require to pick up other squads after their missions.

4. Mountain Troop: Tab (Tactically advance to battle) Basically mountain troop tab to the objective and are required to walk/run to the objective.


To get into the RAF you have to play on our training server with us and pass basic Aviator training which will be lead by the Marshall of the RAF (Leader).

Once you finish basic you can then rank up. When an officer notices that you are progressing well he will promote you to the next rank.

As a pilot you will have to be able to fly all the planes/helicopters.

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