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2nd Ranger Battalion

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  • The 2/75th is a military simulation unit that attempts to operate just as the United States Army Rangers do; with weekly training and operations, brotherhood, high esprit de corps, and most importantly standing at the ready as America's Premier Quick Reaction Force. We currently use ARMA 2 as our chosen military simulation platform and are looking for members of the Arma II community who share the same goals and values. These people would be active members of the 2/75th and would also dedicate the time necessary to fulfill their roles as Rangers in the 2/75th. If you are looking for a well founded, well established, and high speed military simulation unit, we urge you to come spend some time in game with us.

  • How do I join your game with you?
    Once you've decided that you would enjoy this type of environment, you may feel free to register on our forums. From there, you may find a listing of our public server information and join up with us there.
    Ok, I am ready to enlist in the 2/75th. What do I do now?
    Before enlisting into the 2/75th, make sure you fit the requirements:
    • Our age requirement mirrors that of the US Army: 17 years or older.
    • You must have Teamspeak 3 and a working headset & michrophone.
    • You must be willing to accept a chain of command and follow all lawfully issued orders.
    • You must have Armed Assault 2 and Armed Assault: Operation Arrowhead.
    • You must be willing to download and install our required addons.
    • You must enjoy working as part of a team. We seldom utilize "lone wolf" tactics.
      Once you have decided you are ready to enlist, you will need to register on our forums to fill out our enlistment questionnaire. Once this step has been done, your application will go through a small verification process. Once accepted, you will verify your understanding of basic skills and attend Airborne School and OSUT, along with other training dependent on your specialty within the unit.

    What do we have to offer?

    • Highly Optimized Dedicated Server for Arma II: Combined Operations.
    • High speed training to mold you into the best of the Arma II Community.
    • True-to-life Operations designed by a team of experienced military simulation operators and currently active duty soldiers.
    • Military rank structure with a specific chain of command so no question may go unanswered.
    • A brotherhood that offers personal development as well as community involvement.
    • A truly unique experience and education that you may take with you in your civilian/military career.
    • Realism - From WARNOs to OPORDs and Personnel Files. We use all of it.


Armed Assault II: Combined Operations Game Server:

Public Teamspeak (Password = 2nd):

    • DISCLAIMER: This is not an advertisement for the US Army. We are a group of like-minded mil sim players who wish to play a game while paying tribute to the heroes who protect our freedoms to play said video games while most of us work our 9-5 jobs and get fat and lazy. While we do have some active duty or retired Army personnel in our unit, we do not require members to have done so.


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