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scripts needed for my missions

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Hello warfare lovers,

i have a problem or better to say i am doing something wrong but i cant find out what.

An AI controlled Scud can now be controlled through the editor using the following trigger syntex [1,(Time),(Target),(launcher)] exec {\DSF_RUSOPFOR\scripts\DSF_ScudLaunch.sqs}

i have downloaded all of the version of the DSF_RUSOFFOR scud launchers but i cant find any of the

DSF_ScudLaunch.sqs ... i think its stranges because in the readme the are talking about that file to need

to shoot the scud by ai to a target. < i ghave downloaded all but i have installed version 1.1

but this is what i did

[scud1,1,10,h1] exec "LaunchScud.sqs" and tryed [scud1,3,1,10561,5234] exec "LaunchScud.sqs" and

[scud1,3,1,10561,124] exec "LaunchScud.sqs" in a trigger

the .sqs is from chris opf script editor.

coordinates found from the mission.sqs after reading a tip on a other forum topic how to find coordinates.

i placed the lauchscud.sqs in my mission map.. and the scud fires after hitting the trigger.

but it don't hit any targets it ony shoots straight up and its gone...

i use the DSF or Tactical warfare version of the Scud.. but same result, no impact.

i have also read about a script called Scud Launch/Trajectory Scripts by dutchboy

but i cant find it any more on the editors depot on opfcentre website.

my mission is on nogova location the brigde

heavy tank battle with air drop of the dutch red barret <air mobile forces>

and seal team <also dropped by script>

and ground forces each side on a other side of the brigde..

i have build my mission when you don't stop a car to reach it's final waypoint the scud launches .. and i want the missle hitting the side of the brigde where the US forces are.

any body a tip or idea how to put it together and or maybe where i can find the dutchboy scripts or a better version of those scripts??

i know its ask allready a million times about the scud.. missile..

but i cant find the proper sqs files or tutorial about how to make a nuke explosion on a place at the map..

and is there a better way to find coordinates than lookin in to mission.sqs??

may may thnx from a other dutch boy


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Hello. Looks like the launch script is inside the addon pbo file.

You can find map click coordinates like so:

onMapSingleClick {hint format[{%1}, _pos];true}

or simply pass the output from getpos to the script:

getPos myGameLogic_1 exec "myScript.sqs"

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