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2 Para

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Join 2 Para today and earn your wings


2 Para gaming unit is a british co-op unit based on the 2nd Btn the parachute regiment.

We try to get our training and missions as close to realism as posible within Arma 2.

We are recruiting for parachute infantry soldiers as medics, FAC/ FOO's,

All recruits go through the same basic training package, once complete recruits go onto

phase 2 which is the specialist package depending on what role you wish to take up

within 2 Para.

There will also be courses for radio ops. Anti tank and MG gunners ect.

Our rank structure is based on the british army rank structure.

2 Para has members who are currently serving or have served in their respective armies. and have been on operational tours in RL.

We have mission/ training nights on Wednesdays and Sundays starting at 2000hrs GMT, and these usually last for around 90 minutes.


The requirements for joining are:

Arma 2 OA with BAF

Teamspeak 3

A working headset and mic

Be 16 yrs or older

Be able to speak English

Thats it !!

You dont need to be an Arma expert because we train you to the standards required.

We arent expecting you to be on every night. But you can if you want.


If you need more information feel free to contact one of our recruiters.

Our details are :

Email : adminadmin@gaz2644.com

Main site :http://http://2para.gaz2644.com

xfire : gaz1971

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