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European Strike Force Coop Group recruiting!

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European Strike Force (ESF) is new group in the universe of ArmA 2 that focuses on realistic recreation of various aspects of the battlefield as well as removal of unnecessary ones for gaming community. That means you will be pleased with tactical realism, military planning, trainings organized from time to time and milsim approach in weekly coop games hosted on Fridays, 2000 GMT 0 and besides, friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, you will not encounter military rank structure inside the group: we of course define SLs, TLs etc., but don't have military-like hierarchy set. You will also avoid bureaucracy, as we don't need application forms or qualification trainings: you may learn everything with us and are warmly welcome as long as you stick to few very simple rules. Just register on the forums, enlist on coop, organize needed addons and play!

Furthermore, ESF is Europe based group trying to introduce some spirit found on the Old Continent. That means we rarely play US Forces. Instead, fictional nations from Armaverse are being chosen and - of course! - the European ones! We play Germans, Czechs, Poles, British, Georgians and others, so there is high chance that you will be able to fight your own country's force in multinational, open group.

What may we offer then?

- Forum with the portal

- TeamSpeak 3 server

- Our own game server

- Realistic gameplay (planning, usage of ACE and ACRE)

- Friendly atmosphere

- Originality

- Trainings

What do you need to join then?

- 15+ welcome, however age is not a rule

- Time and will to participate every/most Fridays on coops and trainings

- Communicative English

- Maturity, to obey and to be obeyed

Interested? Check our forum and support rapidly growing and expanding community!

EUROPEAN STRIKE FORCE FORUMS: http://europeanstrikeforce.eu/


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BLUFOR patrol:


StaticID - Squad Leader

ComYuri - Automatic Rifleman

Wladek - Rifleman


RealCombat - Team Leader (W.I.A.)

SaS TrooP - Rifleman

Pavel - Grenadier (K.I.A.)

Server: European Strike Force

Date: 20120224

- Armed Humvee goes on lead, second, unarmed, follows. Standard distance, 50 metres. Alpha Fireteam mans second one, Bravo loads into M2 one. - explained Static rapidly as motorised formation of two vehicles was ready to leave the Loi Manara Military Airfield.

Objective of the operation: Pass through Loi Manara, then Chardarakt, dismount and advance on foot towards small village of Hazar Bagh, where squad-sized militia force was discovered by BLUFOR intelligence reports.

- Take the first furm to the right, head stright to the objective. Remember convoying procedures, in case of a contact firmly break contact, full speed and full auto! - our Squad Leader clarified just before entering the backseat position inside second Humvee.

Both vehicles left the base at standard pace, oscillating around 60 km/h. M2 operator observed the horizon, scanned every possible bush for Takiban presence. Sixth sense of squad members was telling them plainly: be aware, Hazar Bagh may be nothing but ambush. And that ambush may start even before. IEDs, RPGs, MMGs, list was extending rapidly in Humvee gunner's mind. But driver was taking care of the road, passenger guarding the map, so his area of responsibility was everywhere around. Second Humvee, carrying Squad Leader, and - first of all - precious Combat Medic was defenceless, unable to withstand even 7,62mm fire.

Sixth sense and awareness gave their fruit. As everyone predicted, it was not going to be so simple from the very beginning.

- There they are! Front, left side, light them up! - driver shouted and pointed at the bunch of Takiban trying to create provisional ambush. It was unclear who was more surprised: them or us.

Enemies tried to lurk into the bushes, fired scarce of AK rounds to slow down or startle advancing BLUFOR forces. Unfortunately for them, M2 gunner was faster.

Long .50 cal burst literally blown number of heads up, ripped several arms and legs. Salves soon merged into long one as gunner suppressed would-be ambushers. Drivers had stepped their pedals to the metal even before Static gave order to do so. Convoy was now breaking the contact, what meant advancing with full speed, much greater than 90 km/h towards the village of Chardarakt (meeting engagement occurred on the very outskirts of Loi Manara). Left-behind Takibans, shook off after initial contact, shot back with fully automatic, with everything they had. Needless to say they couldn't have done much to BLUFOR that was hundreds meters away by that time...

Static ordered convoy to stop right after the village of Chardarakt. Soldiers formed round defence in no time, waiting for the ambushers to come. When it didn't happen after several minutes, Static decided to continue on with the mission. Patrol had to walk for 500 metres before reaching Hazar Bagh, and all the time within dangerous, hostile zone.

Having organised the squad into staged column, Alpha on the left and Bravo on the right, BLUFOR forces marched towards the objective. March was quiet and calm, it seemed that no further ambushes were planned for allied forces. Even more, Takiban militias didn't bother with deploying forward sentries! That allowed the patrol to easily grab the village into the line of sight and recon it before moving in.

Intel was accurate: BLUFOR forces spotted circa 10 OPFOR combatants and inconsiderable number of civilians in Hazar Bagh. That meant village have already gone over to the insurgency side and most men got recruited and left. That were very bad news for HQ, however strategically important for the combat unit: BLUFOR could use greater variety of weapons against the rebels, as civilians were hard to be harmed.

- I want my fireteam on the left side of the road, conceal in the bushes. Bravo, jump on the other side and give us cover and observation as we advance. - Static's order sounded.

- Aye aye, commencing! - Bravo Team Leader, RealCombat confirmed and moved his men to the designated position.

Bravo lay there and had significant number of enemies in front of their eyes. Alpha moved in and managed to beat some 100 metres, when one of the enemy patrols going around the village headed just towards them. It was not clear that cover will be blown very soon and normal firefight is up to be erupted.

- Bravo, confirm your combat ready stance!

- Bravo, confirming, seeing the enemy. Ready to fire.

And the final order, nothing better Static could do in this case:

- All units, engage at will!

Barrels spat with bullets, few Takiban died after very 3 seconds of the firefight. LMG gunner belonging to Alpha added fuel to the fire and soon 5 men patrol was down. Enemy reacted fast, that must be admitted: moments later few guns, that includes RPK LMG fired from inside the village. Alpha was pinned badly and Bravo had no visual.

Static ordered Bravo to react and relieve Alpha from fire. Bravo was stuck also however and with no greater chance to do something. Tiny, 4 meters high hillock successfully blocked the vision.

- Real, you should move us a bit to the front. We need to climb that hillock and risk it. They need us! - SaS TrooP suggested, in his opinion, only proper solution for that problem.

They did what he said. In right place, Bravo took a little fire but was able to shoot back and that's what they did. After short firefight second enemy patrol lost 3 men and retreated to Hazar Bagh.

Both fireteams continued their advance as planned, jumping from one cover to another. Situation complicated when BLUFOR forces reached close proximity of Hazar Bagh. Static decided that units should meet at first set of buildings and clear them one by one, keeping their mini area of operations to right of left side. This failed though: Bravo got engaged in the woods they occupied, just after they started the jump to the buildings. Were it not for quick reaction of Pavel, who eliminated two enemy combatants and entire Bravo could have been killed.

Unfortunately, it didn't end with no casualties: Pavel was ordered to run towards the building. He got hit in the head from remaining Takibans scattered to the left of the village. Real and SaS TrooP eliminated three more targets, Alpha in the meantime - 4 targets more, including RPG unit. Intel was wrong after all: BLUFOR forces consisting of 6 men engaged 15 men strong squad (not 10 men as was initially expected), supported with 2 men RPG team. Nevertheless, patrol did a good job and village was clear after 10 minutes combat. BLUFOR suffered 1 KIA adnd one lightly WIA (RealCombat was scratched by a splinter) and eliminated 100% of enemy forces. No civilians casualties were reported.

After enemy equipment was secured or destroyed, BLUFOR departed and was RTB.

That's how European Strike Force live fire exercise was completed.


Live Fire Exercise: Mission Completed

Friendly Forces: 6 men of BLUFOR patrol

Friendly casualties: 1 KIA, 1 slightly WIA

Enemy forces: Known, 17 men: 15 men infantry squad (3 TFs) + 2 men RPG Team

Enemy casualties: all, 17 men

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Raschgruppe Ackermann

StaticID - Squad Leader (W.I.A.)

Rodas - Team Leader (K.I.A.)

ComYuri - Marksman (K.I.A.)

Ghost - Automatic Rifleman (W.I.A.)

Pavel - Grenadier (K.I.A.)

Kuos (?) - Medic (K.I.A.)

AAR Author: ComYuri

Server: European Strike Force

Date: 20120316

Plan was simple. To quickly drop in, secure perimeter in a 360° defensive stance and instantly take out primary target when in sight.

The execution however didn't go that well.

Squad divided into 2 fireteams, swiftly approaches the LZ in two Little Birds and meets no resistance. Opposition as HVTs are caught by surprise and taken out with a few well placed shots. Only a few seconds after the initial but short engagements, one of the still landing Birds goes out of control and crashes. The shock is great, but Squad leader static puts himself together and reacts instantly to secure the crash site. He knows that the entire village has woken up and now it wont take long until the area is full with hostiles. Casualties are heavy. Constitution of commando Pavel is very bad. Just a minute later, he dies by blood loss. Two others are wounded including the pilot. It is then, when the entire area seems to turn against the members of team Ackermann. Enemy fire directly from the village, then the hills and surrounding forest. Facing heavy suppression, corpsman Rodas is not able to treat the wounded, even though the rest of the team provides effective covering fire from 4 well chosen positions. The enemy tries to manoeuvre around the woods and is not visible for most of the time. Fortunately, they turn out to be miserable marksman. The situation is frustrating. After several failed attempts to flank the enemy first from one, then from two other directions, staticID makes the final decision to launch a well coordinated frontal assault on the village, as the entire team is exposed to surrounding hills, from where the enemy is already about to overrun the sector. Final orders are given and so the commandos StaticID, Ghost and Rodas advance, while calling for exfil chopper. Marksman Yuri stays behind to provide cover from a provisional position. He however soon has to abandon it, as an enemy patrol appears on his left. In the process of repositioning, Yuri gets hit by a bullet. He is not able to protect the advance any more and corpsman Rodas gets hit in the head by an Enfield rifle. StaticID and Ghost, being half aware of what's going on, can't return to their fallen comrade, as enemy combatants close in. So, they simply secure their current perimeter in the city and carry on killing approaching enemies. Contact to Yuri and Rodas is lost. Cheering in the background tells that they most likely have been killed. Being probably the only survivors left, all hope is gone. But then several massive burst shoot over their shelter and the Takibans are on their retreat. Rescue has arrived. The remaining team Ackermann is not enjoying the most costly day in it's existence. The wounded are being dragged into the helicopter. The pilot refuses to wait for the transportation of the fallen as it receives hits. They lift off and both survivors are quietly plagued with only one thought. The ones they left behind that day...


Rapid Reaction: Pyrrhic Victory, objective achieved with great casualties (2/3 of Raschgruppe Ackermann)

Friendly Forces: 6 men of Raschgruppe Ackermann, KSK commando unit

Friendly casualties: 4 KIA, nearly everyone WIA

Enemy forces: Reinforced platoon sized enemy unit (initially expected to be max. 1 squad), circa 50 men with RPGs and LMGs

Enemy casualties: Hard to estimate, but probably low, some 7-10 KIA, unknown number wounded

Edited by SaS TrooP

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European Strike Force is still there and recruiting!

We have moved our website to www.europeanstrikeforce.eu and are also using a TeamSpeak, at the moment in cooperation with AFTP and we are ready to acquire our own very soon! Remember, ESF will always remain free and no obligatory payment for membership is required!

Besides, that, we created our YouTube channel, where from time to time we shall post videos from our missions: http://www.youtube.com/user/esfcombatcam/videos

We offer:

A clean and arranged forum.

Team Speak 3.0 server, for playing the missions.

Our own good and stable game hosting.

Realistic gameplay (planning, usage of ACE and ACRE)

Friendly atmosphere and spirit.

Originality (WE make our own missions!).

Training (so you will get the best of yourself in combat time).

What we search in recruits:

Age of 15 and above, though, it’s not a must-have condition.

Time and will to take place and play in the weekly missions every friday, 8pm (20:00) GMT.

Communicative English.

Maturity, to obey and to be obeyed.

If you love First Person Shooters with the touch of deep realism, strategy and pre-planning, European Strike Force IS the home for you!

Don't wait!

Visit our website right now and fill in recruitment form!

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Call of the Rifles



Squad Leader - RealCombat (W.I.A.)

Automatic Rifleman - SaS TrooP

Medic - GHOST (K.I.A.)


Team Leader - Kostor (K.I.A.)

Grenadier - ComYuri

Rifleman - Roni (K.I.A.)

Date: 20121012

Server: European Strike Force

"12 minutes ago we have received a distress call from our informer, coming from Hazar Kot area. One of the villages is about to be assaulted by overwhelming Taliban force. This is a clear revenge. As we all know Gentlemen, new project launched by ISAF allows friendly villages in Hazar Kot area to carry weapons and organize local civil militias that cooperate later with either us or ANA. These villagers did pretty good here and were source of many Taliban casualties in recent days. Looks like Talis are up for a payback."

"Unfortunately, ISAF forces are engaged in different operation at the very moment so we can send only you do reach the village, command local forces and defend it against the attack. Needless to say, you need to work swiftly and reach that settlement before bad guys do. All understood?"

We've been just back from 3 days long range patrol north of Hazar Kot. Lads were tired as hell, their minds and bodies badly wasted, but we had to go anyway. These people counted on us and yet, that was a good moment to proof Czech Army can do no less that other allies. So, we took our weaponry, yet hot from previous engagements, yet not properly cleaned and yet - even damaged. In such a shape, we mounted on our Mi-17 helicopter. LZ: south of Hazar Bagh village, central Hazar Kot area, circa 2 kilometres from destination.

Flight went all OK... besides landing procedure. Clearly, Taliban prepared this attack helluva well. Hazar Bagh was observed thoroughly for several days and no surprise, we got under fire when disembarking. Thank God RealCombat reserves cool mind whenever needed. "Bravo, hit that compound on our right, find some cover there, Alpha goes with me to these rocks so we will pin these fuckers!", he shouted nearly immediately. When jumping out of the helicopter, I have seen him touching heli gunner's arm and shouting "Light up that compound in you sights!". With such security provided, we reached our targets in no time, while Mi-17 was wrecking havoc on our ambushers. Luckily, they had no RPGs this time. After like 30 seconds of dynamic firefight, we could confirm 3 to 4 Taliban losses and chopper departed. We have been all alone now. And safe.

But Talis new we are coming, that group was waiting for a reason.

According to our data, local sent a rendezvous group to us with civilian vehicles to speed up the transport. It didn't take us much time to locate them: it was dry and dust from wheels and chassis was visible from great range. Still, Combat was a bit disappointed with what he found: 2 civilian Åada cars and a motorbike for quick movement. His decision was quick and quite risky: "We are not taking the cars, we are in the middle of the valley, vehicles are not protected and if Talibans knows we are here they will surely be waiting to kill us even more. Lets go on foot instead and send these villagers out of the area."

"Not sure if its the best idea mate", I opposed. "We will waste shitload of time, OPFOR may reach the that community before we do."

"Well, if we don't reach that that village before them cause we will be dead there will be no difference. Everyone else, what do you think?"

Real casted a quick vote and, well, other disagreed with me. So, the route on food. Sorry for my 40kgs on my ass (took pretty much ammo for my M249, expected heavy fight). Then we just moved out.

Real decided not to follow the road directly but instead travel along 100 metres away, to avoid possible IEDs and more ambushes. For my sake, I must admit he was right this time. There was indeed Taliban ambush discovered later. 2 men covering the road with AK rifles, we would be a perfect target in civilian cars. There was no need to complicate. We deployed in a line and will all barrels engaged there poor bastards. They could stand no chance. Problems erupted later. We searched their bodies and looked around for potential explosives but found none.

Suddenly, shots were fired. Unknown direction, but everyone recognized AK-74 clearly. "Mount round defence, near the road, now!". We followed his order and scanned the horizon to find that gunman. Moments later, another salvo came and nearly hit one of ours. "Hold the round defence, seek and shoot that bitch". Still, no one could find the source of fire. But no more shots came. It seems whoever that was, must have panicked and retreated. One Fireteam covering other, we moved forward to our objective, less than a kilometre now. It took us nearly half of hour to get there, luckily without any further complications.

Villagers prepared themselves nicely, clearly they were ready to die in order to protect their families. And they definitely didn't want to sell themselves cheap. Chief elder welcomed us and informed about a situation.

"I have 10 men here ready to bear some arms. They are prepared inside the village and also on the hills around it, mainly in 2 men groups. They are not trained soldiers mostly, half of them not long time ago hit puberty. But the others... all ex Mujahadeen, we remember Soviets well. Talibans are worthless here.". I took a look around the village. Indeed, it was located in some sort of gorge. Main road led through the valley we used to get here. Other three sides were covered with hilltops. Attackers would have to climb on these hilltops to strike the village. It was obvious Real will send us around and later will conduct delaying action and - in worst case - will use buildings inside as last stand.

"Also, you are Czechs, right?", elder continued. "Take a look at our weapon stash. Everything is legal here, your ISAF supervisors saw these weapons with their own eyes. Pretty much of post Soviet storages, see these all Kalashnikovs and ammunition. In worst case, you should know how to handle these. You are no less post communist than Russia now, after all.", he said.

"We thank you for your introduction, we will do our best to protect your women and children. Thats why we are here.", RealCombat politely replied and started to plan. "We will base our first line of defence on that hilltops. Obvious. We are only in 6, so instead of fireteam system we will split into three 2-men groups. SaS, you go with Yuri, he is our leader here. I will take GHOST so Im close comm with a medic. Call me whenever he is needed. Kostor, you will take Roni. And now: northern approach is most open for the enemy. Im sending Yuri there with our LMG. According to what I know, friendly PKM should also be deployed there. Yuri, your GL should also come in handy".

"Copy that, good idea", he replied.

"Then you Kostor, go on far south. That area is more plateau like, LMGs will be less useful there. It is a matter of accuracy so I want to dedicated rifles there. I will take western approach to see the most and support if Im needed. Valley... we will leave the valley for local militia. We have already scouted it on our way here, should be fine. Everyone knows his orders?"

"How it goes with comms betweens buddyteams?", Kostor asked.

Answer was to be delayed. I heard a characteristic whiz and second later a mortar round exploded on one of the hilltops.

"Holy shit, mortars! They are starting the attack!", cried Real. "Everyone, mann the battle stations and await Talibans. go carefully, as...", another mortar exploded just near us, only a building saved us from shrapnel. "...as they may shoot for longer. Standard frequency, no time for comms shit!"

Yuri turned and run to the north. I did the same and ACR forces split in seconds. Few more rounds struck that poor village, damaging some building and causing chaos among villagers. But militia bravely held its post.

We met up with PKM team on our position. If Taliban wanted to attack from that direction, they would have to cross maybe some 100 metres of open ground.

And they actually did it.

A squad - we later found a reinforced platoon attacked us - emerged from the woods and started fast approach uphill. We waited calmly till they are closer and so did our Afghan friend. Taliban moved in wedge formation, they wore traditional local clothes. They all had beards, no exceptions. They had mainly AKs, but that was well equipped assault team: I could confirm at least one RPK and probably some GLs and RPGs, too.

We lurked them quite a close, militia opened fire first immediately causing confusion. Then my Minimi started to sing and Yuri's M203 was a nail to the coffin. Few of them died instantly, their leader panicked and tried to cover his squad with smoke grenades, but the slope was too bad for them. He got several hits and fell on the rocks. Talis, knowing their situation is bad, started a man minute. They engaged with whatever they could and spammed us with grenades. Our PKM gunner was hit shortly after and then few nades exploded on his position. His ammunition bearer couldn't have been found anywhere. Number of their rifles started to prevail so Yuri ordered to retreat closer to the village. We smoked each other and evacuated.

Going back, we heard gunshots coming from all directions: obviously, other groups had to be in deadly combat as well. When Talis at our back held fire we prepared ourselves to welcome them again. But they were not coming. Happy we managed to force them to retreat, we took position at the very north of the village and observed the situation. I check my ammo supply, wasted entire belt, but had four more so it was fine.

Suddenly, I have noticed a single man running down from the opposite hilltop. Either Kostor or Roni, I though. He soon reached us and said that main assault is coming right from south, at least 20 enemies. Kostor was hit and he was dead. Roni had to abandon his position that should now be overrun. He lost radio contact so he couldn't pass the message earlier.

Knowing that, Uri informed Real about the situation. "Real, this is Yuri. We halted enemy advance to the north, but south is overrun. I repeat, south is overrun and we have KIA, Team Leader Kostor is KIA! Do you read me, over?"

Response was surprisingly quick.

"I read you, info is copy. Prepare reversed defence and hit the enemy when he reaches that hilltop. We will support you from our position."

"That is copy, commencing now!"

We didn't also have to wait long for Talibans to move in. Soon, they silhouetted themselves to the south. This time we had 5 guns against them. They were maybe in 10 men. We started to shoot and eliminated entire group quickly, before they could efficiently respond. Few rounds just barely missed up, but could have been worse. That's how southern flank was secured.

At that moment, we had 1 KIA, probably another 4 friendly militants dead. We could name Taliban losses around 20 or more. We later found out that western attack was the weakest and Real with GHOST managed to repel it quickly.

We waited for several more minutes, but besides singular marauders trying to kill someone it was calm. We decided to consider the village secure at the moment and give its protection to militia only.

First thing we had to do was to find that mortar that luckily wasn't shooting any more. We expected he may have fired from north, so our flank.

"We will scout Yuri's flank, find a good spotting position and take a look around", commanded Real.

We climbed back on the hill. When we reached its top we literally bumped into several men strong Taliban force.

What was happening later cannot be described with words as chaos is only thing that comes to my mind. They were shooting, we were shooting, I was shooting blindly with fully automatic, some explosions, wild cries of Real to retreat immediately. It all ended as quickly as started.

We have been back in the village, regrouped. Roni was confirmed killed, GHOST was at the moment missing. "That was that bunch we though escaped. I was wrong!", shouted Yuri.

It was a stalemate: they held one side of a hilltop and we another one. Next approach was fairly more successfull though. We took them by flank and struck first, with grenades. There were just few of them, no more than five but beaten us quite badly. Moments later we found GHOST who bled out to death. We were now in three only, half of the squad wiped out. But there was still a deadly threat: mortar.

Luckily, northern hilltop provided good spotting area and mortar position could be seen with binoculars. It was defended by few men, no more than six. This part exactly as we wanted that: there was short, ranged firefight. They barely had place to hide, so my suppressing fire and Real's advance with Yuri's observing the area provided us easy victory. Mortar got destroyed, first part of a success is ours. But Real wanted to do something else.

He wanted to recon also the southern hilltop. The strongest Taliban attack came from that direction so he expected to find their starting positions and - with that - possibly some commanding elements or weapon stockpiles.

We carefully approached that hill, fortuitously this time without complications. When we moved deeper info unknown territory it didn't take us long to discover enemy positions. There was a compound defended by DsHKM position and several Taliban. Looked clearly for command post.

Plan was simple: I am the one with the optics (used all my ammo for M249, switched for Czech Sa-58 with ACOG) so I engage the HMG, while rest eliminates infantry units. On proper signal, I opened fire. Missed with first magazine though, Yuri saved my ass here, he gave that DsHKM direct hit with M203. Problem is that Taliban infantry managed to hide around the compound and loud firefight occurred. We gave them hell, but suddenly RealCombat was hit in his leg while traversing from one cover to another. I was given covering fire by Yuri and managed to stabilize him: however hit wasn't that much dangerous, his artery was hit and blood loss was severe. Did all my best, but he needed to visit hospital quickly. This time we changed our roles with Yuri: He carried him, I covered with fire.

That's how we reached the village again and called for MEDEVAC rescue. Hour later we were back at base. Village was defended, but that victory was definitely earned in blood.

RealCombat survived and will be back in action very soon.


Call of the Rifles: Mission Completed, marginal victory

Friendly Forces: 6 men of ACR SF

Friendly casualties: 3 KIA, 1 WIA, 6 militia killed, 2 confirmed civilian casualties

Enemy forces: Known, reinforced platoon (at least 4 squads during initial assault with mortar team, probably around 45 men), another elements operating in the area, probably around another 10-15 men.

Enemy casualties: Probably 35-40 KIAs, 1 mortar destroyed

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OK, we should have a stable cameraman at the moment and have more live action videos for you!

Presenting most of Operation Remorse, as British SAS we have been tasked with taking out enemy Reborn IRA commander on fictionalized island of Tasmania (here of course). Next videos should also come with Best Cutouts, now only a full version is available:

[Youtube tag seems not be working for some reason]

Don't forget to check out our channel for newest videos and also the old ones!


Edited by SaS TrooP

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Here is example how we train during our training sessions. This time we workshopped Buddy Team, Fire Team and Squad tactics and manoeuvring. Theory combined with practical approach and life fire exercises.

See our YouTube Channel for more interesting videos!


From other news: We have switched TeamSpeak Server recently. Now, if you want to play with us, connect to You will surely find our member to help you out!

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ESF is back with brand new video!

That coop was fairly easy, however video is intense for most of the time. First 1 hour long video goes to you! Of course ESF Recruitment Station is always open for you!

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New video available after a break. Our head cameraman has little time recently, so vids may appear a bit delayed. But ESF is still there, is still open and recruiting!

This time Operation Bouclier, where French troops intervene in Tuareg attacked country of Molatia, as its southern neighbour - Afrenia - seems more and more concerned with possible terrorist threats. Video is pretty intense, that was hard battle, but Gazelle helped us a lot. It was even harder this time: due to small bug, infantry had no Minimis and ATs and had to rely on vehicle mounted weaponry only...

Also, more and more of our members acquire Arma 3! We are playing with it during the week, but official "switch" will occur no earlier than in 2 months. Still, if you seek for ArmA 3 group with experience then do not hesitate!

Edited by SaS TrooP

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Hello again from ESF!

After a break again, we have a new video. Duala again, this time a group of mercenaries has to stage a coup by killing local warlord named Kimba. Fighting part starts after like 1/3rd of the video, but footage is rather intense. Operational success is disputed: noone was noticed fleeing from the compound, but identity of Kimba has not been confirmed.

Remember to check our website and particularly forums for fresh news about the group and recent activity!

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New video of one of our coops!

CDF Special Forces are tasked with scouting and clearing ChDKZ encampment, that proves to actually be a fortified position with watchtowers and barriers. Operation is run just near the Russian border and they only wait to open fire on Chernarussian troops. Everything goes well till one of numerous patrols in the region (Chedaki company sized element operated around that encampment) discovers our operators. Fierce wood battle begins with high casualties on Chedaki side, but that's where the manhunt begins and Russians come into play.

If you want to watch chernarussian version of Tears of the Sun, then you definitely should watch it.

Dont forget to check our website and forums for fresh info about the group!

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OK, here goes an update, I will now try to update weekly, as soon as we have time and resources for it.

Last Friday's mission was about a group of crew of Chedaki T-55 tank and reimaner of engineers after US bombing in Operation Harvest Red. Task was to capture some fuel, refuel and slightly repair the tank and make our way to Soviet border. Sadly, after heavy and long fighting US and CDF elements managed to hit a tank and thus no Chedaki survivors were there.

This session was played in ArmA 2, however we stick to ArmA 3 for most of the time.

If you are a single player, or a bunch of friends, who seek for other bunch of friends to play with and you enjoy tactical approach and considerable realism of the missions - do not hesitate! Help building our group for ArmA 3 and ArmA 2 today!

Visit europeanstrikeforce.com for more info!

Link to the gallery of last mission:


Also, the videos are coming, make sure you dont miss them!

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Hello from ESF again!

It has been a while now, but much is happening within our group with few new members and - as always - mixed activity between ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 games, where players have both fun and realism. All suited for their needs.

Let me make a summary of most interesting events of February and mid-March. More updates and videos to follow shortly!


We are in African climate right now. Majority of the group says African Conflict Mod is one of the best released so far that provides at least basic feeling of modern day flashpoints rather than 2035+ battles we see kinda limited in their possibilities. So, Altis switches to north-west Africa on couple of occasions:

Aid Convoy - 20140221

In this scenario Lebanese led UN Mission is stationed in insurgency driven, unspecified African country with Government troops too weak to contain rising anger of the population. UN patrols are trying to stabilise situation, but - as always - their restricted rules of engagement complicate their fragile situation even more and lead to ultimate defeat in the end.

UN was effective in delivering supplies and fighting off several rebel groups, but sadly powerful ambush finally wiped the UN convoy. BUT: there was a continuation of this mission that will soon be published. I can say continuation was one of the best missions so far and expect amazing footage. Soon.

Bounty Hunters - 20140307

In the meantime, a mercenary team is dispatched in the very other side of the island, in order to assassinate a warlord. This was Ian's baptism of fire as operation commander. Mission was quite tough, with enemy forces counting dozens of rebels, however they did not dispose night equipment and their training was pretty grim. With heavy casualties of 5 members out of 8 mission was completed with all objectives done. Lets first see some screenshots of it:


And of course a video. Damn, chapel assault fail still haunts me. Remember: number 2 CANNOT delay his entry :P

In the meantime, there was...


First of all: Tales of Cold Spring 1989 campaign series. Sadly, we have no video from that since our job in this campaign is mainly technical and there no good footage from our side. Sadly, other groups are also recording on limited level, but I will try to post anything when I lay my hand on it.

In short: We have made contact with a couple of groups enjoying historical reconstructions and we organized a 60 players coop on Project 85 mod in which other clans take control of directly recreated company sized element (with accuracy to a single magazine) of NATO or Warsaw Pact armies in hypothetical WW3 scenario in 1989. Campaign is aimed on massiveness, conventional warfare and loads of heavy gear. We, as ESF, are "game admins". We control AIs and more important vehicles and provide dynamic reaction to other clan decisions, we call in artillery, airstrikes, we intercept their radio traffic. All of that to make greater challenge for the others. Such game was played on 28th of February, next one is scheduled on 4th of April. Hopefully we will have some footage to share with you!

Out of the other missions: a simple week time coop. Standard "go there, secure the town" on Takistan. Standard tactical aspect of firefight, we like to practice that. Here goes the video:

And here goes the delayed footage of tank stalking mission I was showing screenshots of on 3rd of February. We still don't know what hit us, most likely AT-4 we missed. Pitty, because that raid could have succeeded. And watch this dramatic struggle with our wounds. No morphine over entire mission, we were fainting one after another. Brilliant spirit was there though.

And thats it from the news!

Remember! ESF doors are open to everyone who think may fit in! Remember to visit our website at europeanstrikeforce.com and out forums at http://forum.europeanstrikeforce.com/ to check for incoming coops and - of course! - APPLY!

We are waiting for you in our cosy community!

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