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High Command and Teams

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Hi, Im fairly new to the ARMA series and im just getting into High Command and i have some questions. At the moment im in the Dogs of War mission on OP: Harvest Red.

So heres my questions (some may not even be possible in this mission):

How do i create new teams/squads? Ive figured out that i can send units to join the current teams but i cant seem to create new ones.

Purchasing units in the field? Can it be done or do i have to be at HQ?

Assigning support roles. For example i can buy a Transport Helo but how do i assign him to be like Maddox and his Venom or cant it be done?

Lastly what do i do when the AI teams get stuck? Ive had it happen where they just stop following any commands and stand still. I tried respawning some which brought some of them back under control but a couple turned black instead of blue on the command bar (Didnt know what that meant). I also tried disabling and enabling the team AI but that didnt do anything.

Iver done the Tutorials but they dont really teach you much other than the absolute basics. I hope Arma 3 will have alot more depth to them for begginers like myself.

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