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SP_Evolution Needs your help to continue development..

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I need someone to create some single player triggers / sensors...


This mission is a single-player conversion of the MP-version created by KilJoy.

The main priority has been to retain the feel and functionality of the online gameplay, with the only changes implemented to compensate for the lack of other players, or to overcome technical differences in the way ArmA handles MP and SP missions.

The changes in detail are as follows:


Instead of straightforward kill-counts the player's rating is used (which will give you different points depending on what you killed, e.g. 1000pts for an officer, 200pts for a rifleman)

For every rank increase you can recruit 2 more AI units (for a total of 12)

To make up for the lack of human medics, you can recruit a medic as soon as you become Corporal (2nd rank)

To make up for the lack of human shuttle drivers/pilots, there will be a chopper shuttle available at all times, to take you back to the base

Abandoned vehicles will stay at their position indefinitely. Only unarmed, destroyed vehicles will respawn at their original location.

Empty enemy vehicles can be used independently of your rank

If a player leaves a town and then returns, the town will only be re-populated to its previous level, not to the initial full-strength level

Town are considered cleared if there are less than 12 AI units left (8 for smaller towns)

Since it would be too easy to rack up points with side missions, each side mission can only be played once per cleared town

A reconnaissance plane will randomly patrol the current island and briefly reveal enemy position. The fewer enemy units there are in a town, to more often this plane will patrol that area (to help in finding the last survivors)

In Veteran mode you can save every 10 minutes. In Recruit mode you can save as often as you like.

Passcodes for ranks and cleared cities allow you immediately activate these objectives later on

You are able to skip some time in the barracks

The mission has been fully translated into German, French, Spanish, Polish & Russian


Your main objective is to clear the 11 marked cities.

A city is considered cleared if the area indicated by the gray marker contains no more enemy vehicles (armed and unarmed), and the number of enemy troops is below a certain level (between 8 & 12, depending on the city).

The number of initial infantry and armored units depends on the size of the city, plus/minus a random variation.

Enemy units will only spawn once you enter the perimeters on foot on via ground vehicles.

The secondary objective is the destruction of a randomly placed radio tower (indicated on the map).

The third (optional) objective is the capture of the main officer in each city.

The officer can be detained before the city is cleared, and his location is indicated on the map once you come within 200 meters of him.

You can fulfill these objectives in any order you wish.

Once all cities are cleared, and at least 10 side missions have been completed, the mission will be finished.


Once you reach specific points you will be promoted to a new rank.

These ranks will give you different capabilities, like the kind of vehicles you can operate, the kind of weapons you will find in the ammo boxes, and the number and type of teammembers you can recruit.

If you lose points due to friendly fatalities it might happen that you are demoted.

You can see your current rank and score on the mini map (radio 0-0-0).


PRIVATE 0 MP5A5, M16A2, M16A4, M136 HMMWV, Truck5t 0

CORPORAL 5,000 M16A2 GL, M16A4 ACG, M4, M240 HMMWV50, Truck5tMG 2

SERGEANT 25,000 M9, M16A4 ACG GL, M4AIM, M4A1, M24 MH6, HMMWVTOW, ~MK, Stryker ICV M2 4

LIEUTENANT 50,000 MP5 SD, M9 SD, M4 GL, M4A1 GL, M249 Stryker ICV MK19, M113, UH60MG 6

CAPTAIN 75,000 M4A1 SD, M4SPR Vulcan , UH60 (FFAR) 8

MAJOR 100,000 G36K, G36C, G36A AH6, AV8B2, Stryker TOW 10

COLONEL 150,000 JAVELIN, M107 AV8B, M1Abrams, AH1Z, A-10 12


You will receive the following points for different tasks completed:

City cleared 5,000

Radio Tower destroyed 2,000

Main officer detained 2,000

Capturing a soldier POW 500

Capturing an officer POW 1500

Side mission between 1,000 and 3,000 points

Killing an enemy solider 200

Killing an enemy Especas or sniper 500

Killing an enemy officer, squad leader or soldier POW 1,000

Killing an officer POW 2,000

Destroying an enemy vehicle between 200 and 1,000 points

You can also lose points by incurring losses on your own side:

Death of a teammate -500

Killing a teammate -1400

Destroying a Western vehicle between -1,400 and -7,000 points

See this list for detailed scores for enemy and team-kills.



Any vehicles you are driving will automatically be repaired, refuelled and rearmed when you bring it back to the base.

Enemy vehicles will be refueled and repaired, but can only be rearmed at an enemy ammo truck.

Unarmed vehicles that are destroyed in the field will respawn at their original location.

Abandoned vehicles will stay at their location indefinitely.

Destroyed armed vehicles are indicated by repair marker on the map, and have to be repaired and refueled before they can be used again.


Most cities are surrounded by several anti-aircraft units. Their range is indicated by the red cross-hatch markers on the map.

Before taking any air-vehicles into these zones you should make sure that those units have been eliminated.


A spyplane which randomly circles over the active island (indicated by a white circle on the map) will allow you brief glimpses at enemy positions.

As the enemy presense in the city you are attacking becomes less, the frequency at which the plane will cross that town will increase.


There are three FARPs (Forward Area Rearm & Refuel Points) located on the map.

At these places you can repair/heal and rearm your vehicles, your team, and yourself.


From any position on the map (and at any rank) you can call in a chopper to bring you (and your team) back to the base.

Position yourself at the desired landing spot, and call it via the radio menu (0-0-9).


If you prefer to do your mission at a specific hour of the day you can enter the barracks at the base, and skip a few hours forward, until the desired time has been reached.


After a city is liberated any enemy troops still present will surrender, and can be captured as POWs.

To do this, approach them and select the "Capture" option from the action menu.

You can also use your teammates to capture units.

Once captured, they will be part of your team, and you will then have to transport them back to the base, and bring them to the POW camp.

When arresting and transporting POWs make sure that none of them is further than 100 meters away from either you or any of your teammembers, or he will escape, at which point you will not be able to capture him again.

If you have problems with your teammates shooting POWs during transport, read the relevant paragraph in the throubleshooting section.


There is a slight chance that, after you liberate a city, a troop of enemy units might be para-dropped at that location.

This will not affect the status of the city or the POWs, but you should keep that in mind when taking over a won city.


At any time you can enter the Mission HQ and select a side mission via your action menu.

The location, difficulty and bonus points of these missions depend on your current rank.

Once a side mission has been completed (or abandoned via the radio option) you cannot repeat this mission until another town has been cleared.


After each promotion or completed city you will be given a unique passcode.

In the case of cities this will be a 3-character code, for cities it will be 5 characters.

These codes allows you to later start a mission from scratch, and "fast-forward" to the stage you had reached before.

This feature is useful in case a game save becomes corrupted, or if you would like to try to tackle the mission using different strategies.

Once you receive the code you should write it down (or take a screenshot), so that you have access to it later on.

To enter a code call up the radio with 0-0-7.


There are more Western support vehicles and tanks (as well as an enemy ammo truck) at the Corazol harbor area

The chopper is considered a neutral vehicle, so enemy troops will not attack it (or you, while you're in it), so it can sometimes be used to get you out of a hopeless situation.

Anything you can do yourself at the base (recruiting teammembers, selecting side missions, skipping time) can also be done by one of your teammembers if they are located at the base.

To have them remotely execute one of these functions, select the "Action" option in their control menu, and chose the desired action.

If you recruit a new teammember via this method you have to chose (by clicking on the map) the location where he will be para-dropped.

This location can be within a 300 meter radius of your own, current location.



Because of limitations in the ArmA engine your team members will consider any POWs that are placed in vehicles as enemies. To circumvent this situation you can use one of these strategies:

Place your team into the vehicle first

Order your team to hold fire

Move your team out of sight of the vehicles/POWs

Vehicle rearming

Some vehicles (e.g. Striker) will not rearm all magazines at either the base or an ammo truck. This is an ArmA limitation, and cannot be circumvented.

Shuttle touchdown

Occasionally (especially if you have accelerated the time) the shuttle may briefly touch down, and then lift off again, staying stationary at that location. If that happens, bring the acceleration time back to normal, and just call the shuttle once again via radio 0-0-9 (even if you are in it already).

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This is a request as its clear you want others to apply the fixes and changes you listed.

Requests belong in the sticky mission request topic.

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