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BAF & PMC Digital Download Install Issues! PLEASE HELP

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i just got a new computer about a month ago and at the time of purchase i had them install a NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti video card. I installed Arma 2: CO from a disc and then i installed the dlc's via digital download and it worked fine. a few days later the video card took a dump and i had to go get it replaced with a new one. now when i try to install the dlc's via digital download they will extract, show a splash screen for the given dlc, but after that it just quits (pops up if i want to remove temp files, keep temp files, or rerun installer on GAMERS GATE). I tried purchasing BAF from Sprocket, but i get the same thing (only it doesn't give the option to keep the files afterwards it just does nothing). When I uninstalled the game previously before getting the video card replaced i removed from control panel/uninstall program just like i always have. then i removed the bohemia interactive folder from program files. i have run cccleaner to try and get rid of any corrupted files (if left over) and any old registry files that do not belong. i have went through and tried everything possible. the firewall is disabled, the antivirus is disabled, the UAC is all the way down. i even allowed an exception in the firewall for the 7zsetup which is the setup from sprocket and gamers gate. i am about to put my foot through this computer so please help me. i have searched the internet over and over and i have only found one guy who has had this problem and he posted on this site with no solutions posted and no reply from him yet. please help as i really want to get back to editing/playing my ArmA 2. Thanks guys and appreciate any help you can give. I have contacted Gamers Gate and Sprocket and literally all i get in return is "you realize that you need operation arrowhead to run the dlc's, right?" wow, really! in the email to them i said twice that i have arma 2: combined operations, which included operation arrowhead, so it seems they were just trying to reply to this question without having to look into actually fixing the issue for me.

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Ok, this is what I found and the steps that I took after working on this issue for 5 straight days. What you need to do is this:

*Uninstall Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead (or any other Arma 2 related games/dlc's)

*Delete the install folder (C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive (this is the folder you will delete)

*Go to your Temp Folder (My Computer\C:\Users\<the user in which the game is installed>\App Data\Local\Temp\BAF,PMC, etc.... and delete the BAF, PMC, or both folders.

*Main step that is missed quite frequently......Go to C:\ProgramData and DELETE the Bohemia Interactive folder that is in there as well.

*UNINSTALL ARMA II LAUCHER and ARMA EDIT if you have it (I'm not sure if this is necessary, but it is what I did so I am giving all the steps in which I performed. ARMA II LAUCHER could effect the game due to it is pulling information and usually MODS from the install folder



*Reinstall your ArmA 2 games (Combined Ops, ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead, etc....). After the install is completely finished and you have Operation Arrowhead installed (because you have to have OA in order to have the DLC's)


*Once you are back on your PC get online and go to whatever site (gamers gate in my case) and redownload your DLC('s). Once the DLC is downloaded and it extracts you should get the splash screen, the Installation Complete Pop up (which asks if you want to keep/remove temp. files or restart installer) and also the Pop-Up which asks for your email/activation key like it should, but wouldn't prior to this process. If you do not already know when it asks for a CD key you just re-enter your activation key (I see a lot of posts where people don't figure that out and decide that the download/dlc doesn't work because they don't have a CD key. Your activation key is your CD key). And WHALA it should install perfect just like before.

I never had an issue in the past with uninstalling the dlc's and reinstalling them again, but last time I installed them I chose to keep the temp. files and I think that is what may cause those files to get stuck in the C:\ProgramData folder. If any of you have any issues or questions please feel free to PM me and I will be more than happy to help to the best of my ability. I just can't believe that Gamers Gate and Sprocket couldn't even come up with an answer to fix this issue since it is basically caused by their download client. Have a good day everybody and I hope this helps.

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