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It's the first day of the year, a time when we remember the year that's past, make resolutions, plan for the year ahead, and just have fun!

I'm very excited to present to you my now finished project on which I've been working for past 6 months in my free time.

Yes there have been a few predecessors for this particular project, sadly unsuccessful.

Hopefully this website will have fuller life span than it's predecessors :)

What is ArmedZone?

ArmedZone.com is a community based media sharing website.

At the moment we support video sharing but in future we plan to add image, news and tutorial sections.

What Games?

We focus on War themed games such as Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead.

All these mentioned games are from Bohemia Interactive Studios. We plan to add more games in future.

About the Website

At the moment our website runs in BETA status and doesn't have the full functionality that was planned,

but we hope to finish our work and move to STABLE with the help of our community.

ArmedZone.com is a non-profit organization created by pure individuals/fans.

Click here to go to ArmedZone.com

If you see any bugs or if you have a suggestion,

please contact us at: armedzone@gmail.com

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Hey guys. I listed some of the best videos of 2010 at ArmedZone, click here.

I know there are a lot more videos to be listed, so I will need your help. If you want to list a video contact me at armedzone@gmail.com and I will gladly list it :)

I made this page just to highlight the best videos of 2010.

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Welcome, welcome!

After a long time of work under the hud I am finally proud to announce that ArmedZone.com website is now open!

What is ArmedZone.com ?

ArmedZone.com is a community website which will cover all the related media to Bohemia Interactive’s latest ARMA Series – ARMA 2, ARMA 3 and perhaps other of BI’s titles.

What Media types?

At the moment we have news/blog, screenshot upload, gallery and forum section and in future we hope to have video, question & answers and file & downloads section.

Our Goals?

Our main goal is to provide a simple media coverage to the BI titles – news, images, videos etc.. All in one places. We hope to bring this community site to a new level soon icon_smile.gif


At the moment there isn’t any active staff, that’s why we are looking for people who would like to write news, blogs, articles in their free time. If you are interested you can contact us.

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Hello Community,

We have changed the image hosting script to a better and easier one.


In the old script you could only upload 10 screenshots and had to select each image

separately, well now you won't have to do that anymore.

The new script has a easy built in feature that allows you to select multiply

screenshots at the same time and upload them easily, also the new script will

generate different type of links to the uploaded screenshots

Go ahead and test it out: img.armedzone.com

Hope you enjoy this service,

ArmedZone staff

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Hello, 2012 is here and a lot of changing going on lately with ArmedZone.

First off I want to say we are now opening up to other games and not only ARMA series.

This doesn't mean we won't cover ARMA news, videos, and pictures anymore, on the contrary.

We are now going to write more articles, post more videos and upload and share more pictures

from any game that is related to military shooter and shooter in general. We hope you enjoy the

new changes. The big change is we have re-designed our websites theme, we went from black

to white, hope this helps our readers and doesn't strain the eye anymore :)

We also moved to a new forum engine, the previous one whas phpbb3 and now we have switched

to Simple Machines Forum, this is a much lighter and user friendly forum. We hope you like it.

With the new changes we are now actively looking for news editors and article writers, anyone

who has had any experience in the past or even if you are new but want to write about shooter

games, please drop us a line at armedzone@gmail.com or apply in this page: apply page

See you all on ArmedZone, hope you enjoy the new theme, news, videos and pictures, also

be sure to drop by at our forum and sign up to discuss anything you want ;)

ArmedZone staff

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