RosenRudel Immersive Maps (aka RR_mapStuff) By LAxemann   What does it do? Someone in my community (RosenRudel, or short: RR) jokingly said "we have ACRE animations, now all we need are map animations, haha". And the mod was born.
Immersive maps (Also called: RR_mapStuff) generally revolves around the ACE interaction menu(s) and does the following: When opening their maps, player characters will actually hold up a map in front of them. Players are able to put down their map on the ground via ACE-Selfinteract->Equipment Maps held by players or on the ground can be accessed by other players even if they themselves don't own a map When looking at someone else's map, you'll be able to see their markers You can copy the markers of someone's map onto your own You can look at or pull maps from dead bodies Map objects will try to visually adapt to the terrain which is being played on When using compasses, players will actually hold a compass in front of them Individual features of the mod can be disabled via the CBA addon options The mod features custom animations. The mod is mp-compatible, why else should you use stuff like this?     Noteworthy things Only the "owner" of a map can draw persistent new markers onto a map which is lying on the ground (or held in their hands). Maps put on the ground are larger than handheld maps for the sake of accessibility. 3d models of compasses won't show up in first person in order to avoid visual glitches. You'll see them in 3rd person or on other players, though. The left hand may glitch a bit into the weapon when using a compass while running. No way to fix this without overcomplicating things.   Download     Credits JR, Adama, Pfleger, Paddyy and Alius for testing! 🙂
Spacture for the idea!