That's right. After only six years I finally found my way into ArmA3.   And after I have donated a big part of CWR² to the CUP team years ago, I thought it might be a good idea to get the Mod and see what they did with it. And soon after I started playing the first old missions in the new playground. Tried a bunch of other Mods and addons but soon it was clear that just playing missions and exploring terrains isn't enough. Guess I just can't let sleeping dogs lie. 🤷‍♂️   So I got in touch with some of the old team members and after lots of talking - well here we go. This is the beginning of Cold War Rearmed III. Just a bit late though.   Now, this is what we have in mind:
CUP will be the Basis for the Modification, simply because a big part of what is needed these skilled people already made or ported to ArmA3 (and a lot more!). This is an approach we haven't gone before but porting all the required models from CWR² is simply not possible. And it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel when it's already rolling. Only what is not included in CUP, we have to either create on our own or maybe can get from someone else who made it. After all, the many kind donations from the community allowed us to make CWR² as big as it is now.
I'm well aware that there are several more or less active or abandoned Cold War Mods out there. And I hope that we can complement each other. The goal is, as before, to resurrect the original content from the very early days of this series. One more time. No more a 1:1 copy like in the past though. We might change things here and there for a (slightly) more realistic approach. All depending on time and resources though. Also, there won't be any more Expansions like in CWR². If someone wants Cold War <insert random army> in Cold War Rearmed III, he can create that Expansion using our Mod (and CUP) as basis. We might assist with small tasks, but fixing problems and distribute the Expansion is nothing we deal with anymore.   Besides the CUP dependency, something else will be different with Cold War Rearmed III. Other than before, we will release the content we have ready to be shipped out. The details on how and where the releases take place must be determined.   Let's see how and where this journey ends. 🙂