AI Facts & Myths Compilation List  Last update:  May 17th A compilation list of AI facts, & myths sorted by subject. A TRUE, FALSE, or UNKNOWN answer is given after each listing if they have been answered and any extra information for that listing. Information listed here are from my own tests, as well as others, and among the many are from the AI Discussion thread, and the Development Branch Captain's AI Log thread. Video Overview Legend TRUE = means it is correct, and has been confirmed. FALSE = means it is not correct. UNKNOWN = means hasn't been confirmed, or proven to be true or false. ========================================================== AI Actions, Interaction, Pathing, & Tactics AI in Boats, Helis, Planes, Tanks, & Vehicles AI Detection: Communications AI Detection: Hearing AI Detection: Vegetation AI Detection: Visibility AI Gear, Shooting, & Weapons AI Grenades, Mines, & Throwables AI Identification, Targeting, & Tracking AI Medical AI Movement