>>> STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE <<<   Foreword I hereby present you my first mod which aims to make editing a bit easier. The main focus lies on the added debug console which will provide you with the most common debug options (at least the ones I use). It also contains a good deal of customizability. While all options are fully functional I may change some of them (see Ideas section below). The mod has been on the Steam Workshop for about a month now but now I feel like it is actually worth using.   Features Pictures and videos can be found on the Steam Wokshop. Extended debug console: Adds way more features to the escape menu in the style of the vanilla A3 debug console. It contains the following options: Page 1 - Misc Live Debug: Evaluate expressions from the Watch fields of the vanilla debug console in real time Side Player: Switch sides with two clicks (Doesn't work when capitve) Enable Teleport: Go to the position under the cursor by pressing SHIFT+T Show Icons over units: Does what it says Draw Grids: First checkbox enables grids in the GUI Editor for better alignment and orientation, second one draws it on the mission display Change GUI Grid: Origin: Select where the controls should be oriented to. Important when using different UI sizes Set: The editboxed are editable and this button applies the changes to the grid variable loaded in the GUI Editor Export Grid: Copies the defines to the clipboard All settings are saved across sessions (profileNamespace) Clear Chat: Removes all previous messages Switch Unit: Move into the unit under your cursor Set Time: Got from day to night and vice versa or enjoy a nice sunset/-rise Page 2 - More Watch Fields Just like the watch fields from the vanilla debug console but unlimited in amount Create new controls with the "+" button Delete entry with the red X button Page 3 - Custom Commands A place to store your most used commands, like setDate, setPos etc Create new control with the "+" button Delete controls with the red X button Execute a command with the "EXEC" button MP only: Change where the command is executed Output of the commands can be seen in the output of the vanilla debug console Page 4 - Saved Watch Entries, Target Debugging, BIKI Links Saved Watch Entries: Save an expression from the vanilla debug's watch field by pressing CTRL+F The preferred input can be selected from the combo First empty goes from top to bottom and if no empty box is found, the first one is overwritten Same goes for "Last Empty" but from bottom to top Clear List will remove ALL entries and reset the profile variable Target Debugging: Check the checkbox to draw boxes at the position of units nearby with the commands set in the listbox "+" adds the command in the editbox, "-" removes currently selected entry (same as pressing DELETE) The variable _object is automatically added after the command if not specified BIKI Links Write out a command and add it to the structured text controls for fast access to the BIKI Remove a command by adding it again Remove all commands with #CLEAR Also supports links with http in them Page 5 - Unit Live Watch Select a unit from the tree control to attach a camera behind it The tree supports searches from the editbox By ticking the checkbox on the top right corner of the camera the feed will be kept open after closing the escape menu Page 6 - KK Debug Disclaimer: If you don't trust the debug_console_x64.dll then you are free to delete it. It is only mandatory for this page. KK Debug is a small extension to log info to a console window outside of the game and therefore is a cleaner option than the rpt file By using #include "\TER_Editing\debug_console.inc" you can use the macros in your script as well For more information go to KK's website BEEP will make the console window move into the foreground and give out a noise As it stands right now the console is not entierly functional. Here are some problems I encountered: Log to file doesn't create a file Beep moves the console away from it's original position Clear has the same problem Close doesn't do anything Log time will add a prefix with the system time to the output Log input creates an extra line before the output and contains the content of the input editbox The log button will output the result and, if selected, the input to a new window 3den Editor: Find Object Type on Map: Creates a map marker and a 3D marker on the position of every object with the same class name. Useful to find certain house types. Show Building Positions: Creates 3D markers on the positions of the building positions used with buildingPos[community.bistudio.com]. Structured Text Editor: Create structured texts with live preview. Font Picker: Preview all fonts available ingame (including mods). Color Picker: Find the correct color with multiple export options (RGBA, config, texture, HTML). attachTo finder: Instead of trial and error use this tool to find the perfect offset and direction. DIK Code Display: While open hit any key (except for ESCAPE) to get the corresponding ID, hex value and variable from "\a3\ui_f\hpp\definedikcodes.inc" Export Marker: Copies the marker in the format used by BIS_fnc_stringToMarker to the clipboard. Saves several lines of code. Misc: Export button for the CfgViewer: Export the currently selected config with a single click! Escape shortcuts: While in the escape menu you can press CTRL+R to restart the mission or CTRL+E to exit it. Functions: TER_fnc_controlInfo can show additional information about the controls of the selected displays. Really useful if you want to learn from BI. TER_fnc_convertNumber: Convert from and to hexadecimal, decimal and binary. Only meant for use during editing as it would create a dependency. If you know how to copy it then feel free to use it.   TO DO: Integrate debug console into the vanilla one Fixes UNKNOWN BUG: When selecting the third page the index of the listbox jumps to the fifth (???).   Steam Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387934106
GitHub repository: https://github.com/7erra/-Terra-s-Editing-Extensions   >>> STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE <<<   Bye for now,      7erra