After a long time back in BIF    co40 Domination! Current version: 4.06     The Google Drive Download Link below contains the following versions: Altis Blufor Altis Opfor CUP Sahrani CUP Chernarus CUP Takistan Altis TT (PvPvE) Tanoa Edition Tanoa TT TvT (PvPvE) Stratis Chernarus Winter IFA3 Malden 2035 Altis Carrier RHS Opfor RHS Blufor Rosche, Germany Global Mobilization Weferlingen summer and winter Livonia (Contact DLC) version
  Needs A3 Ver 1.94 or higher
Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets from all enemy forces.
Resolving side missions will get you better vehicles (tanks, helicopters, planes).   Game mode: MP, Coop 1-40 players (50 in the TvT version)
Addon's required: None
Sides: Blufor, Opfor
Features: Custom made revive, AI, Ranked version, extDB3 support and many more   Randomly picked main targets Many side missions Custom made revive Dynamic weather Many parameters can be changed by an admin in the server lobby (enable AI version or ranked version for example) Ammo boxes can be loaded into some vehicles (Ammo point at base) Uses MHQs for respawn (once deployed) Teleport from one deployed MHQ to another Vehicles can be lifted by the lift chopper (MHQs for examples) Some wrecks can be lifted by the wreck lift chopper and can get repaired at the wreck point at base Uses BIS Virtual Arsenal for ammo boxes Parajump from main targets (once cleared) Engineers can repair and refuel damaged vehicles (needs Toolkit) Engineers can load static weapons into engineer trucks Artillery operators can mark artillery targets with a laser designator and can call in artillery strikes Team leaders of Alpha, Charlie and Echo can also mark artillery targets and they can call in air drops Mission dialog to change viewdistance, gras, etc. Squad management dialog Save player stats and mission progress to a SQL database (if extDB3 is configured) Support for ACE (if it is running on the server) Supports dedicated servers and hosted environments and lots of features more...
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