With our recent permission to port Invasion 1944 assets, as well as some announced and unannounced projects, we have a big pile of work and tasks ahead of us.    Want to help out?        Specifically we are are looking for:   Config coder   Lots of data to sort out and reorganize Updating asset configs to A3 standards Definitions to be merged into the existing files Damage/armor, PhysX and other parameters will need tweaking Creating new factions, groups or improve ZEUS/Arsenal configuration     Model artists   Blender/3ds Max is fine - ObjectBuilder/BI tool use is NOT necessary Polishing existing models (sort out smaller issues of various kinds) Complete WIP models Optimization of models (Resolution LODs, special LODs, number of textures/sections) Make new vehicle/weapon variants based on available assets     Texture artists   Improve existing textures (with SP/PS/etc) Creating Winter/desert reskins Making skins for new faction (non major armies) Redo asset textures if quality is too outdated/low     Sound designers   Sort out existing definitions (tweaking volume and distance mainly) Port definitions to the new A3 sound tech Make use of A3 sounds where feasible/suitable Make better use of existing sound assets Contribute/Integrate new sound assets from public libraries/your personal possession (license/ownership must be valid)     Scripting devs   Analyze, refactor and optimize existing systems Assist with custom damage and destruction system design and realization Help with ACE3 compatibility Develop new unique features for the WW2 setting     Mission designers   Help improve the campaigns and COOP missions from AWAR Develop test and demo missions Create content demonstration scenarios Participate in porting IF and I44 missions to A3 Port popular game modes and mission from A3 to WW2     Backend programmer   Advanced configuration of Phabricator Integration of Phabricator and git repositories Discord bot setup and adjustment Automated backup Automated Arma testing     So if you want to contribute and join our very experienced, both relaxed and organized team please send me a PM or contact me in our discord.