A friend in the German Ryzen RAM OC Community (spawn off the Computerbase.de Forum) going by the name ZeroCoolRiddler, gives some pretty impressive results from a 5800x running Micron-E Dies @4000MHz 1:1 with the FCLK.     To my knowledge, this is the first system to pass the 100 FPS sound barrier.   Interestingly, his min. FPS hit a mind boggling 71FPS which is pretty much exactly what I proudly presented as the max. FPS my 3300x could achieve a week ago.   The system ran the cma_x64 AVX2 malloc and a curved PBO, a new Zen3 AGESA function which allows a manually adjustable Boost behaviour in terms of frequency and voltage settings allowing to customize the boost behaviour with individual (and non escalating) voltage settings per core making curved PBO apparently the cpu optimizing method of choice on Zen3.
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