I would be very interested in where this mystical knowledge came from, as to it being simple and near effortless to just swap out several thousand objects. Unsurprisingly more than a few individuals have suggested that we could replace older era models with their Enoch counterparts, including several of us within CUP. However as 90% of the people making these "helpful" suggestions do not have any terrain making experience or knowledge, they will not know that it is by no means as simple as clicking a few buttons and replacing all the buildings with "not much work".    The mod that you proceeded to mention is a prime example of this. Firstly that mod does not replace all buildings that are available, why not? Because some of them the offset that is caused when replaced in that manor is too large and causes other problems that they cannot fix. So they chose to not use those buildings. Secondly as it is the buildings they have chosen to the majority of them will have an offset to some degree, which solves one problem and causes another, additionally many of these replaced buildings you will not even be able to use correctly because of terrain that will now be clipping into those buildings. Which means modifying the height-field underneath affected buildings, by hand, on a case by case basis.   So we find out now that replacing these buildings properly requires fixing a number of other issues that the replacement itself creates, and is not in fact a quick and simple job but a rather involved one. As mentioned above and in the latest release post, work is underway on new things and information will be made available when appropriate.    It also comes across slightly less presumptuous if you ask questions, rather than make seemingly definitive statements in future. 
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