Post Process Effect Editor

A single player mission for editing, viewing and exporting post process effects. (Radial blur, chromatic aberration, wet distortion, color corrections, dynamic blur, film grain and color inversion)

Usage: Start the mission and open the editor dialog with user action. Enable or disable effects and edit their parameters with sliders or typing exact values to text fields.
Any changes are applied immediately by default, but you can type you own commit time and click the button to make the effect "fade in". Change the time, date, fog and overcast. Change effect priorities. (Sometimes this has barely visible effect on the output, but just because the game allows it, it's in the editor. Although, some overlapping effects need the default priorities changed to work.) Copy the effect script to clipboard and use it in your mission. (ppEffectCreate, ppEffectAdjust, ppEffectCommit). This also exports a GFPPE parameter line you can copy and import back to the editor. Downloads:
Steam Workshop
Dropbox (pbo)
Dropbox (mission folder)

Sliders' ranges are limited to what I considered to be "safe" values, but you can put higher/lower values in manually. Bohemia Wiki states limits for parameters but most have an effect even beyond them.
To port this to another map or use within your own mission:
Download the folder version. Extract it.
Copy the init.sqf, description.ext and GFPPE folder to your mission folder.
(Or just the folder and add the line #include "GFPPE\GFPPE.hpp" to your description.ext and execute [] execVM "GFPPE\GFPPE_init.sqf" somewhere.