This second post is for troublshooting with vehicle turret and zeroing animation source in model.cfg and zeroing scripting commands.   i actualy use a useraction and zoom in and zoom out with shortcut for zeroing my optic animations 🙂 inspired from sparehead dlc. i use this way for creating my custom turrets optics.   based on a rco optic lens system i just animate my reticles with a engine animations source.   of course zeroing animation source is not detected by the engine and scripting commands return always a same result. the muzzles is not detected corretly. and zeroing totaly ignored.   a script   _unit = _this select 0; _unit selectWeaponTurret ["88mm",[1]]; #loop
_muzzle = currentMuzzle (gunner (vehicle _unit));
;_weapon = currentWeapon (vehicle _unit);
;_weapon = _unit weaponsTurret [0];
_weapon = currentWeapon (gunner _unit);
private _currentzeroing = vehicle _unit currentZeroing [_weapon, _muzzle];
;_unit animate["zeroing_optic", _currentzeroing];
_anim = _unit animationphase "zeroing_optic";
cuttext[format["zeroing: %1,  optic anim: %2,  muzzle: %3",_currentzeroing,_anim,_muzzle],"plain down",0.6];
goto "loop";   all rem values working for return the mussles and current zeroing on human units 🙂  but not on the vehicle turrets.   sparhead dlc use one other system but why not fix that turrets troubls with a zeroing animation source ? 🙂 for use simply the engine animation sources instead complicates  and resource-intensive ?   friendly.