by Gunter Severloh & Rydygier Description Aces of the Sky is a Modern warfare based mission for pilots. Engage various ground targets, patrolling Apcs, Tanks & Vehicles, or take to the skies
and get into a dogfight with planes spawned from 3 different factions! Use the mission to practice your flying skills against ground targets or targets in the air,
or just have fun destroying targets! ENGAGE in DOGFIGHTS with the AI!   Interested in WW2? See the WW2 version of this mission   v1.6 - Latest version Demonstration   Introduction and review video Note - The video doesn't represent the latest version of the mission, the setup has changed, though the vehicles and planes spawning remain the same. Download
Features    Play Singleplayer (MP Lan) or with 5 other players in coop.     Play as Blufor, Opfor, or as an Independent Pilot.     Each first role chosen has access to Zeus.     Spawn RHS or CUP mod Apc's, Tanks, and Vehicles to engage.     Spawn Arma 3, RHS, or CUP planes from 3 factions that will fly and patrol and even dogfight with you!     Spawn enemy ground vehicles as many times you want!     Spawn enemy fighter planes as many times as you want!     Recruit AI crew for your plane or helicopter.     Every Patrolling ground target you destroy will delete in 150 seconds.     In your action menu you can insert earplugs to lower the sound volume.     Adjust view distance settings menu by pressing tab or change the control.     Watch your fuel gauge as there is a fuel consumption script.     A HUD at the top of the screen will keep track of your plane,vehicle kills and even deaths.     Change the weather, time of day, or turn the player statistics on or off in the MP Parameters.     While flying instantly Rearm, Repair, and Refuel at 5 different locations, or at the airfield.     When you crash or get killed you have the option to respawn mid-flight in your previous plane, or back at the airfield. Spawn and fly any:     RHS Mod Planes     CUP Mod Planes.     Firewill Mod Planes.     Pook's Mod Soviet Planes.     CWR3 Mod Planes.     Legends of USSR Mod Planes.     USAF Mod planes.     SOG Prairie Fire DLC Planes or helicopters. Required Mods? There are NO required mods to play the mission.
However if you have either RHS, CUP, Firewill, Pooks, CWR3, Legends of USSR,
USAF, or SOG Prairie Fire DLC Planes or helicopters
loaded then you can spawn planes and helicopters to fly from those mods, and spawn patrolling
planes which you can dogfight with!
How do i spawn Enemy Tanks, Vehicles, and Planes that will drive and fly around? Ingame you use the support & radio comms numbers on your keyboard, see below:
Press 0-8 Supports     Arma 3 Blufor vehicles     Opfor vehicles     Independent vehicles     Arma 3 Blufor planes     Opfor planes     Independent planes     CUP Blufor planes     Opfor planes     Independent planes Press 0-0 Radio     Respawn Mode Switch - (respawn in your previous plane mid air, or at the airfield)     CUP Blufor vehicles     Opfor vehicles     Independent vehicles     RHS Blufor vehicles     Opfor vehicles     Independent vehicles     RHS Blufor planes     Opfor planes     Independent planes
NOTE RHS or CUP will show listed only if their mods are loaded,
if no RHS, or CUP mods are loaded then only Arma 3 Planes and vehicles will
show listed in the comms.   How do i respawn in my previous plane/helicopter in mid air
or back at the airfield to pick a new plane or helicopter? Just press 0-0 radio comm on your keyboard and choose #1 at the top
of the list which is titled Respawn Mode Switch a hint will pop up at the top
right of the screen indicating which mode you chose.   Note
If your going to play this mission by yourself, then start a MP lan server (see below).
To play Solo on MP Lan:
1. Go to Multiplayer.  
2. Server browser.  
3. Host Server.   
4. Type in server name, # of players, password.  
5. Choose map on left (Altis) and the mission on right.   
6. Choose player role - remember theres 2 roles per side one has access to Zeus.
7. Adjust the Parameters (top right) in the player lobby before you start the mission.  
=================================  Recommended mod for changing your plane's Pylons
Planes Loadout Everywhere Recommended mods for flying
WebKnights Avionics
Reduced Haze Mod v3.1
- Authors of the Planes mods - RHS, CUP, Firewill, Pook, & CWR3
- Rydygier for VVS code help and writing the RYD_PT patrol Script.
- Tonic for his VVS Script. - beno_83au for his feedback - Czarny for his feedback and ideas.
- HBAOplus for his feedback and ideas.
- corporal_lib[br] for his feedback and ideas.   Changelog