MIL_BombRanges   This is technically a mission, but it's intended use is as a means to determine how far a bomb will travel, unguided, when dropped in level flight:   The script is contained within the mission, so you will need to unpack it in order to adjust the options (there aren't many). In a nutshell, you open up the mission in the editor, select your aircraft and/or bomb, then edit a small section of the init.sqf to set the range of speeds and altitudes that will be recorded when dropping bombs. The script will automatically set speeds and altitudes for the player, meaning all you have to do is select your weapon after the mission starts and keep off the controls while the script runs. Further instructions and considerations are contained within the init.sqf.   For anyone interested, I already populated a spreadsheet (requires MS Excel or a PDF viewer) using bombs dropped from Firewill's F/A-18 Hornet: MIL_BombRanges (Dropbox) Edit: bombs will generally fly further when guided, these ranges were based on unguided releases.    For anyone further interested, below is the code I've used to do this. There'd be plenty of ways to do this, however it evolved as I continually streamlined the results to fit nicely into Excel, and I'm not an Excel guru. So it did it's fair share of evolving......   init.sqf   release.sqf