So people liked my last post, so I decided to slice another piece of my mission and serve it to the community in the form of a standalone. This time, I bring you, Slay's Battlefield / Modern Warfare Inspired Parachute System now named (EPS) Slay's Expedited Parachute System, it will delete your backpack, equip and then open a chute, protect you till landing, then give the player back their backpack and all respective gear it had.


The ability to open a chute without one equipped
The ability to land safely at any speed without dying
The ability to cut the chute you currently have if you open it up at say, a mile up, you can cut it, and redeploy it whenever you wish, or smack into the ground and die, completely up to the end user.

Planned Features:
Bindable button.

Press Space Bar while falling.