What it does:  It spawns the traders and additional mapping server side.
The advantage is people can't steal your mapping and the traders are created once on the server and not for every client which should help with FPS.

# A3EX_CMAT - Arma 3 Exile Serverside Custom Mapping and Traders - v0.10
# 2020 - El Rabito
# Thanks @ DB for the initial ExileServer_object_trader_create.sqf

## Download (Github)
Support Me: www.buymeacoffee.com/ElRabito
#### INSTALLATION 1. Copy the ExileServer_object_trader_create.sqf into @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code 2. Add the line below at the top of @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\bootstrap\fn_preInit.sqf ['ExileServer_object_trader_create', 'exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_trader_create.sqf', false],
3. Configure your map content and traders in A3EX_CMAT\content\
- Remember to add them in fn_load_mapContent.sqf like the examples.
- TRADER.sqf is the trader configuration with additional information !
- Remember to remove your old trader NPC's from missionfiles initPlayerLocal.sqf!
Example trader config with comments _trader_equip = [ "Exile_Trader_Equipment", // TRADER CLASS "Exile_Trader_Equipment", // TRADER CLASS "WhiteHead_04", // HEAD ["InBaseMoves_HandsBehindBack1"], // ANIMATION [8204.36,14231.8,0.2], // POSITION 232.455, // ROTATION [["arifle_MX_GL_Black_F","","","",[],[],""],[],[],["U_BG_Guerrilla_6_1",[]],["V_I_G_resistanceLeader_F",[]],[],"H_Watchcap_khk","G_Combat",[],["","","","","",""]] // LOADOUT ];   4. Add this below to missionfiles initServer.sqf (This is better for spawning the mapping since it's initialized earlier (imho)) [] execVM "A3EX_CMAT\content\fn_load_mapContent.sqf"; 5. Put the A3EX_CMAT.pbo into @ExileServer\addons\
6. Done

# License Info: If you server is named KFB (Kentucky Fried Bambi) you have no permission to use this. Any violation will result in a DMCA.