This is some proof-of-concept scripts that move animals by attaching the animals to invisible AI units.  Why do this?  Because animals default movement is too slow.  Arma vanilla dogs and rabbits run slower than men, which is lame.   Also added some dust fx when animal moving fast.  One downside is animals now make footstep sounds.  That might be ok for large animals, but is silly for a chicken or a snake.   Download Demo Mission   Credit: I thank @haleks for the idea (its how he made Ravage rabbits fast)   These scripts could be basis for building further scripts: Flock or herd of animals moving along as a group Sheep Dog herding a flock of Sheep Boar stampede Boar attacks Dogs chasing rabbit Etc.   The demo mission contains these 2 script files: init.sqf JBOY_AninmalAIFuncs.sqf  
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