Hello folks,
I am Nebojša, Founder and Developer of Balkos Interactive.

Little bit about Balkos Interaxtive:
We started out as a Game Development Team back in 2016, only managing to release a Alpha version of a TPS before breaking. In late 2018 I decided I wanted to make a ArmA 3 mod, so I kept the Balkos Interactive name here.

At the moment, BI consists of 2 Developers and 1 Beta Tester, working together to bring content to you.

About the mod:
Mod is a simple Retexture project, adding Serbian Armed Forces gear that isn't in the RHSSAF mod. Besides Modern Day gear, we are starting to add some 1990s gear as well(Warcrimes Inc.)

Some images of the mod:
  https://imgur.com/h6AtfXl https://imgur.com/4cI7kVG https://imgur.com/jSj0w6f https://imgur.com/gVsBv53 https://imgur.com/cp6uXOi https://imgur.com/GkrhZFb https://imgur.com/HFBwm9L https://imgur.com/tzupLxJ https://imgur.com/AtLbk7N https://imgur.com/h6t6QTk

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