Hi everyone!   First of all, I want to say that I've done my research on this topic before I've decided to post a topic of my own - but sadly either I didn't understand it or it wasn't the thing I was looking for.    My question is; how I display a custom picture on in-game PC screen? Basically, I have a setup which is shown in image below. I understand that for a custom image I want to show on the screen I need to convert it to paa format, but I don't know the code needed to show it on the screen.   Next question is a little bit trickier; I want to achieve a "security camera surveillance feed" on on the  double screens. I understand it has to do something with PIP - basically I place object, initialize camera somehow from there and then show it on the screen.  I'm totally lost here.    The thing is, when someone posts a code I can "understand" basically what it does and why, or do my research to parts I don't understand. However, sadly for now I lack the skill necessary to put it together on my own.   Any help will be greatly appreciated!