Hello, community! I am creating a MP mission, but I want to use a script for saving my proffered loadout. For example, when I get killed, I need to spawn with the same gear. I did a little research last night and I found a script that works for me only. I haven't tested it with friends, but it doesn't work for bots. There it is:   in init.sqf // Set Units current Loadout     Fnc_Set_Loadout =     {     _unit = _this select 0;     _unit setVariable ["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout _unit];     }; // Get Units current Loadout     Fnc_Get_Loadout =     {     _unit = _this select 0;     _unit setUnitLoadout (_unit getVariable ["Saved_Loadout",[]]);     };   in initPlayerLocal.sqf player addEventhandler ["Killed",  {_this spawn Fnc_Set_Loadout}]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this spawn Fnc_Get_Loadout}];   Would it work for other players when they use the playable units or not? If not, what could be done? Thanks in advance and cheers!