These are a couple of scripts I made for some of my missions. Going to post them here is case anyone finds them useful. They have been tested on MP hosted and dedicated. Everything seems to work. Any scripting gurus want to improve them please feel free.    Put a unit(s) down in the editor and name them  whatever you want ex: obj_HVT  , Obj_hostage , Boo_Boo , whatever In init.sqf  //prepare HVT and hostage obj_hostage execvm "Hostage_setup.sqf"; obj_HVT execvm "Hvt_setup.sqf"; The HVT script will make the unit do a "surrender" animation when a player gets close, from there you will get the option to escort the HVT. HVT will attach to that player in front off to the left with hands on head. HVT is attached to player so it will not collide with anything and feet do not move but better than having a hostile HVT join your group and run around free (imo). Player will get the option to "stop" escort , meaning HVT will be left on the spot. Another player can then pick up the HVT and escort. When escorting the HVT, players near vehicles get the option to "load in vehicle". The HVT will then get in what ever vehicle is close to the player under player's cursor. Once the HVT is loaded in a vehicle any player can "unload HVT". Once  the HVT is captured , it can be killed at any time. Until HVT is captured they are invulnerable, plus dumb as a rock. I had to disable just about everything on the AI to make them play nice.   The Hostage script works much the same way. Except hostage is on the ground tied up.. Player has to free the hostage using a holdaction. (Once freed hostage can be killed)  Hostage will go into a wounded on the ground animation. Player has to pickup and carry hostage. When carrying the hostage player is forced to walk, you can set the hostage down at any time and another player can then pick up the hostage. You also will get the option to "load in Vehicle" when carrying the  hostage. Same as HVT script, you have to be close to a vehicle and vehicle under player's cursor. Once hostage is loaded anyone can unload the hostage.   The test mission linked does require CUP, was testing different vehicles, not just BIS vehicles. You can still extract the .sqfs and put them in a mission that does not require CUP to test it.   I know i need to do some more polishing but it works. I would like to add "grabcarried" and "grabcarry" to the hostage, just to make it look a bit nicer when player is picking the hostage up but working with animations just sucks.  Right now there can only be one HVT and one Hostage in any given mission. Will try and maybe change things so there can be multiple hostages that need to be rescued or HVTs to be captured     HVT capture script     Hostage rescue script     update: v1.3 02-25-19 test1.3.Stratis.7z?dl=0   any problems just post them up, i will try and get to it as soon as  I can   edit: 02-08-19 fixed some bugs changed some animations cleaned up some code   edit: 02-16-19 v1.2 removed CUP dependency   edit 02-16-19 v1.2 uploaded wrong version   edit 02-25-19 v1.3 fixed potential problem(s) on dedicated     
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