This is my terrain shader mod for 1.92 Stable (DX11 only). Essentially it's an implementation of THIS idea and seeks to ameliorate, with varying ambition and success, a couple of gripes I have with the terrain in Arma;   Lack of Vibrancy: Between the haze and the washed out satellite textures I've always perceived a real disconnect between the sharp foreground (weapons, characters, vehicles, buildings & clutter) and limp background (everything else).   Lack of Texture: Dissatisfaction with the smooth, featureless & fuzzy appearance of terrain in the middle distance is well documented.   Additionally there are a couple of PBOs which are fundamental (yet optional) or complimentary to the above goals;   Less Haze (addons\haze.pbo): Pushes the atmospheric haze much farther out. I presume BI thought to soften the view distance block but to my mind the default haze hurts far more than it helps.   Colour Correction (addons\colour.pbo): With EvilOrgan's kind permission this addon enables his excellent EO_Real_3 preset by default. You probably have your own colour correction preferences so by all means delete this but maybe give it a try first as the mod was tuned for/with it (and my PP Brightness/Contrast/Saturation at 100/125/75 currently).   There may be some small improvement to concealment at distance but it wasn't a particular goal.   Probably won't be to everyone's taste, ultimately it's just a mathematical formula that treats each terrain pixel based on little more than its original colour so there's a limit to what it can achieve. It will make some things better and others worse - but hopefully more things better. I find the effect generally pleasing and it was fun to learn something about shaders (not to mention brush up on my high school algebra). I'd like to acknowledge material or moral assists by T_D, EvilOrgan and especially kju; beyond the many high-profile projects he's well-known for he's also always helping, advising and connecting modders and patiently sharing his vast knowledge of the game on numerous endeavours.   NOTE: As delivered, this addon will maintain your Shadows Distance (at ~200m). This is a mechanism to communicate real time FOV to the terrain shader (so it knows to lighten the terrain detail when it's viewed through high-powered optics).   Version 1.1.1 (2019-05-10)
- Fixed banding in light pools on certain terrains.
- Texture blending; stronger detail.
- Texture blending; saturation control.   Version 1.1.0 (2019-05-05)
- Fixed messed up normals/parallax on near detail textures.
- Slightly softened detail blending with colour corrected satmap.
- Altered method of enabling post-processing colour corrections (EOReal3).
- Updated incidentally replaced data with that from the 1.92 release.
- Shader features should now never enable for an unconfigured terrain.
- ALTIS: Minimal tweaks to noise (lighter) and colour curve.
- STRATIS: New 2K noise textures (improves view through optics).
- MALDEN: New 2K noise textures. Terrain colour tweak (deeper).
- TANOA: Added initial configuration.
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