Download: MIL_Mirror: Dropbox/Armaholic   Description: MIL_Mirror allows a mission maker to add a mirror-type effect to an object capable of using setObjectTexture.   To use: - PIP MUST BE ENABLED for the mirror to work (Options >> Video >> General >> PIP). - Copy the folder MIL_Mirror into your mission directory.
- Place your intended mirror object (e.g. a whiteboard - "Land_MapBoard_01_Wall_F" - they work best) and name it.
- Add this line to your mission's init.sqf file: nul = [_mirrors] execVM "MIL_Mirror\initialise.sqf"; - _mirrors - array - names of all the mirrors Example: nul = [mirror_1,mirror_2] execVM "MIL_Mirror\initialise.sqf";     Media: Day/Night demo of some mirrors (0.50):   Glass House Update (2.05): **Disclaimer - Duke Nukem is talking about himself here, definitely not me 😄     Known issues: - The reflection doesn't behave quite like a mirrored reflection because it's a camera, but it's the best I could achieve.
- Resolution isn't outstanding, but it's ok.
- Torch beams (and probably most other light sources) aren't reflected, which is pretty obvious in the video. - As far as I'm aware you can only have up to 8 mirrors working at a time (once one is destroyed the next in the list will start working). I assume this is a limitation of the game unfortunately.   If anyone finds any problems please let me know.   Thank you.   Change log: