This simple script will play a pain grunt sound on a unit (randomly selected from list of Arma hit/pain sound fx).   Credits:  Thanks to @Greenfist  and @Gunter Severloh for finding the ingame sounds for me.  See this thread for complete list of sounds. Thanks to Bohemia for the sfx and the amazing arma game.   To use this script: 1. Put the script code below into a file in your mission directory named JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf. 2. In your init.sqf, add this line to compile the script: JBOY_PainGrunt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf";   JBOY_PainGrunt.sqf   To test this out, run this from the console in the Editor: _n = [] spawn { while {true} do { [player] call JBOY_PainGrunt; sleep 1; }; }; Help a Brother Out!  There's only one day left to help JohnnyBoy win a steak dinner!  If you like my scripts, please subscribe and upvote my Last Tango in Tanoa mission on Steam. Its a short mission, only 30 minutes play time.   I only need a few more ratings!