Take cover script     Features of TC (Take Cover) script :   1) AI can dynamically take cover behind 3 different types of sandbags and 2 wreck jeeps   2) Not only that they can take cover inside houses too   3) The nearby enemy position is calculated and defenders will take cover on positions that fits right for them (For example if AI is taking cover in a house then they will take cover behind the nearest window to the enemy position)   4) There is also the assaulters they behave differently. They either push/flank or take cover using bushes by setting them on "RED" combat mode (Depending on the situation)   5) AI can be suppressed - just shoot somewhere near AI and they will go prone (If they are taking cover)   Instructions are inside TC_Init.sqs there is also more in-depth info there   Features of SW (Swimming script) and how it works :   The main feature of SW is that you literally swim but there is few conditions - the unit must be in prone and must be slightly above sea level   You will swim up if you fell into the water   The way the script works is that a pallet spawns under you and that keeps you from falling   The file : https://bit.ly/2qbZ4wm   Cya