WIP v2.0 progress info:   NOTE: this is not a v2.0 release! Just an update on the progress.    Hiho all,    I am progressing well with the performance improvement update of the VA mod:    Milestones:   - new FPS friendly spawn system works as intended - new spawn system applied to about 80% of site spawners, rest WIP - sp, hosted and dedicated tests show significant fps improvements when running the mod along with Ravage for multiple hours (50-70 fps). This thanks to the kind help and work of @zagr, who tested tirelessly and gave essential feedback on issues. - the above solution should also fix an issue with ZEUS no longer reacting after 1h mission runtime.  - i am now working on an additional performance saver, that will HIDE spawned sites, that are "waiting" for despawn, in case no player is currently close to it. WIP and to be tested.    other than that i have reworked: - loot spawners for sites - own loot economy (dynamic lootspawn and despawn on ground in buildings based on each players position)  WIP and to be tested - added anti virus pill boxes to some sites-spawner - removed loot addaction from crashsites and hideout tents and replaced with random loot - added new dynamic AI patrol spawners - dynamic stalker AI - MP compatible patrol dogs for AI - mp compatible feral dogpacks (dogs by LSValmont and johnnyboy) - fixed an issue with the pill consumation addaction if infected - zombies will no longer drop infection cure pills - started work on a system that spreads the infection from infected player/AI to AI/players that are within close distance to each other and do not wear face protection. More info to follow, early WIP - added eventhandler that migh reveal site posions on map when picking up ravage documents from AI or crate (wip, to be tested)    To do: - finish the above WIP bits - review infection timers and effects, maybe add more customization option for players - apply new spawn system to all remaining sites - tradercamp: check what needs to be done for MP compatibility and decide if this will be updated for v2. 0 or later. I might decide to rewrite the whole thing, in that case an update will follow in a later patch   I have a sh*tload of new ideas but I want to focus on bringing the mod to a stable and FPS friendly version 2.0 and add new feature in the following version.    Very excited about the progress 🙂 Cheers  VD      
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