DESCRIPTION: 'Simple IED Script' will spawn IEDs on / alongside random road segments within predetermined IED area markers setup by the mission designer.  The position, direction, appearance, and blast magnitude of the IEDs are all random.  The script also spawns random trash along the roads.  The script is tiny, optimized, and works in SP, MP, Dedi. Does not require any addons and is compatible with any map that has roads.     VIDEO:     FEATURES: Tiny filesize! 2KB Fast performance Compatible with SP, MP, and Dedicated Works on any map with roads Doesn't require any mods or additional scripts Easy to implement! Randomized Results:
-IED type spawned
-IED blast magnitude is random (damage / radius)
-IED position & direction
-Chance for trash to spawn with IED
-Trash appearance variety
  IEDs are proximity based:
-IED will detonate if player is within 10 meters of it and is moving too quickly
  IEDs can be disarmed:
-Explosive Specialist with a ToolKit can slowly crawl up to an IED to safely disarm it
-IEDs can be detected with a Mine Detector     TO DO LIST: Add blacklist marker support Add option for script to auto-detect areas to spawn IEDs in   KNOWN BUGS: Completely bug free!   INSTALLATION: Move the "ied.sqf" from the downloaded file, to your mission folder. Copy & Paste below line into your mission's "init.sqf": execVM"ied.sqf"; Create rectangular area markers in your mission and name them.
3a. Make sure the A and B values of that marker is the same! Example: 500x500 In the "ied.sqf", add the names of your IED area markers to the array in line 1.  For example: iedMkr=["myMkr0","myMkr1","myMkr2"]; In the "ied.sqf", you can change the number of IEDs to spawn per marker, on line 5.  For example: iedNum=8; //Will spawn 8 IEDs per IED marker Optional Debug Toggle: If you want to see the IED markers in-game, set Dbug to true.  For example: Dbug=true;   Done!
DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK (Armaholic) v0.1 (Jul 1, 2017) Change-Log: