I wanted to make sure that everyone on these forums knew that Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi, quite possibly the god of Terrain-Making, passed away over the weekend. There’s a good chance that if you have ever made a terrain or even tried to make a terrain you talked to him. I’m fairly certain that he knew everything about terrain making or at the very least could find anything out. If you had a question, he would do his damn best to answer it. He truly loved terrain work (and guitars) and was willing to help whenever you had a question.   I first started talking to Paul on the forums when I was trying to get back into terrain making during the ArmA 2 days. He was very helpful and I think he was one of the reasons I first got on Skype. He helped me through my Green Sea Expansion terrains and later got me a position as a Terrain Maker for the Cold War Rearmed 2 Mod. We worked on CWR2 together for several years quite commonly having terrain-related conversations at ridiculous times at night (for him in Scotland)and he continued to teach me about not only ArmA terrain making but other interesting topics as well. Things like his time as an archeologist and the digs that he went on or the software they used. He told me about hills made from broken amphorae like Monte Testaccio and software that would determine where ancient roads used to be based on the elevations of the terrain and location of cities.   A few years ago, Paul told me about what is now my current job in Pittsburgh. I probably never would have heard about it if it wasn’t for him and I especially wouldn’t have been prepared for it if it wasn’t for all the things he taught me over the years. Additionally, he gave me a recommendation. I’m fairly certain he did more to get me the job than I did.    When I got hired, I chose the earliest starting time possible because I knew that Paul was going to be in Pittsburgh for training soon. The night he flew in we went to a bar downtown and he bought me my first scotch ever and had a lot of great discussions. We got to do some software training together and it was incredibly enjoyable. I will always remember him adding sheep into the surface mask of a terrain he was making during training.   That was unfortunately the last time I got to see him in person. We did a little more CWR2 work together but eventually both of us moved away from that. We kept in touch though and would talk on Skype at work sometimes or occasionally work on a project together. He enjoyed talking about sci-fi shows and he had started working on some music projects in the past year or two.   His health took a bad turn a while back but he maintained his incredibly high spirit and great sense of humour. He would disappear from Skype for long periods of time which always had some of us worried but he would always turn up again and tell us he just did a minor stint in the hospital. Many of us thought he was going to be out of the woods shortly and I know he was looking forward to getting back to work but I guess something went wrong. I’m not entirely sure what happened in the past week but he wished all the Terrain Makers on Skype a Happy New Year and then the next weekend passed away.   To Paul Pelosi, a great guy, friend, co-worker, modder, teacher, and the God of Terrain-Making     If you haven’t played on any of his terrains you should check out Carraigdubh for ArmA 2. He also did some of the terrains, like Malden and Everon for the ArmA 2 CWR2 mod, both of which are included in the CUP Terrains pack for ArmA 3. There’s also a ton of interesting stuff on his site: https://sites.google.com/site/bushlurker/