ABOUT   This is just a small addon, which I made just for fun after I saw video on YouTube with Russian soldier marching forward and shooting KORD from the hip. This is first version, I have another version in works, it will have two animations for holding, although making animations similar to that video is nearly impossible since there is limit on hand movement. Also it's made crudely, there is no logo for mod, etc.   This addon contains: two versions - shouldered and holding by hip two mag variants included, normal and tracer custom recoil made just for Kord - when not resting or laying, recoil is big   SCRENSHOTS   (Older video showing basic function, bipod is old model)     CREDITS   Many thanks for Hatchet, who made bipod and reyhard who is helping me with nearly everything :D And also BI who made KORD model.   DOWNLOAD   Download link - v1.1 (26.12.2016) (Addon is signed)