I made some other experiments with Dev Branch release 1.67139640.  In the video i set the game's effect volume at 100%. The video should be heard at full volume, so pay attention to your hears. Consider that normally, for my comfort and an adequate sense of distances i leave game's sound level to 100% but my main at 28%. I fired a couple of shots to make clear the relative level of sounds.     Now, with all volumes to 100% its clear that some sound is made from the character when it disappears behind the corner. But it is so so imperceptible even at 100% that in fact, when the level of sounds its in a normal way, the sound doesn't exist at all.   THAT COMPLETELY DESTROY MY GAME EXPERIENCE cause my style is not to run and gun but be stealth and stay alert about the surround.  I dont want an unnatural level of footsteps sound, that in fact was first in the opposite way maybe, but IRL i think that a running person just behind a corner at 1 meters to me have to make a way loud effect.  I think that definitively all other sound is great (with little reserves), and the footsteps rework is good in principle, but the RUNNING level of footsteps, at least in short proximity (2-7 meters i say) should be increase on all surfaces and stances.
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