Your can try the dog out in my new mission:  Last Tango in Tanoa 2: Razing Cane.  If you like JBOY Dog please rate this mission on Steam to motivate me to continue improving the Dog Scripts and creating more Dog-based missions.   Now updated to Version 1.5 on December 21, 2018.  Download link below is now for v1.5.  Note:  This is NOT MP compatible.  I have no immediate plans of making it MP compatible.  (Maybe this bold note will prevent this question being posted 100 more times...)   Version 1.4 Video (AI controlled sentry dogs): Here's my JBOY Dog script. Initial version released. Here's V1.1. video showing new features (New dialog menu from Soolie, Dog packs roaming and attacking). Version 1.2 Tracking scent trail and Swimming Version 1.5 Video (Doggy Cam!) Download Download the zip file and unzip it into your missions directory.  You can then try it in the Editor. Download Version 1.5 Basic Template mission from DropBox Missions Featuring JBOY Dog (play and rate these on steam if you like JBOY dog!) Shadow Fall (amazing campaign!) by @AZCoder  A Man and His Dog (great Ravage survival mission) by  @Stampede Last Tango in Tanoa: Episode 1: Missing Person by johnnyboy Last Tango in Tanoa: Episode 2: Razing Cane  by johnnyboy Features: NEW:  AI patrols can now use dogs to sense and attack enemies (v1.4) Dogs obey these commands: Heel - Dogs follow handler closely Move there - Point to a position and dog moves there Attack - Point to a man or animal, and dog will attack it Detain - Point to a man, and dog will approach and threaten man.  Man plays surrender animation while detained. Stay - Stop the dog Sit - Dog will sit Fetch - Dog will retrieve small animals (rabbits, chickens, snakes) Get in Vehicle - Dog boards vehicle (currently only Offroads, APEX jeep, zodiac and hummingbird supported...more to follow) Get out/Disembark Track - Dog senses scent trails and follows the trail.  Trails end at water or when quarry boards vehicle. SITREP - Dog barks.  Useful when you lose sight of dog in dense jungle Dismiss - Dog no longer controlled by handler All dog commands can be issued by player or by scripted AI units. Voice commands use either custom voice commands by me (Johnnyboy), or any in-game language (English, French, Chinese, Persian) Voice commands may be quiet, normal or loud depending on combat mode (stealth, safe, combat) Handlers use hand signals also when commanding dogs Roving dog packs that hunt/attack animals and men when they are near. Vanilla dogs can't swim...JBOY dogs swim (while following handler in heel mode) Vanilla dogs die with one shot...JBOY dogs can take 2 or more hits. Vanilla dogs don't bleed...JBOY dogs have blood textures Vanilla dogs don't bark or growl...JBOY dogs do bark and growl Vanilla AI will not fire on dogs...JBOY dogs will be fired upon by AI if attacked by dogs Dogs boarding vehicles will lock cargo position in vehicle so AI boarding will not clip with dog Player can Heal dog Dog will detect enemies and point them out (stop, growl, and look in enemy direction) Ability to have a Doggy Cam display in player's HUD.  Optional.  Can be turned on/off via action menu. Planned Enhancements (I hope): Make it MP compatible.  May be now...needs MP Testing!  Any volunteers? Detect - Bomb sniiffing, drug sniffing, etc. Scout - Dog runs ahead and stops and points at enemy it detects Fetch any small object -  Get my pistol boy!  Get the Tactical Bacon! Improve AI firing on dogs. Unconcious mode for wounded dog, so you can heal your best friend. Make a kick-ass mission with Boomer at my side!  Done!  Twice! Known Issues: Credits: Soolie for beautiful Dialog menu to replace clumsy action menu AZ Coder for Doggy Cam script Larrow for his awesome utility for finding voice files in config. SuperTruite for his amazing particle effects utility KillzoneKid for help on forums and his awesome blog Cosmic10R for his DIK code based menu (very slick, but opting for addon free Dialog menu for now...maybe someday offer option for either) AZ Coder for some dog pack behaviour snippets and a few sound fx.  Love the menacing growl I use for detaining perps! Persian MO for MP-proofing JBOY Chicken Nomisum:  I borrowed some code snippets and ideas for using arrow helper objects as a scent trail to track.  Thanks man! Grumpy Old Dude:  For help with the smashed grass trail. Thanks to these guys for Testing and Feedback: Cosmic MP Testing of JBOY Chicken AZ Coder for implementing JBOY Dogs in Shadow Fall Version 1.5 Change Log Version 1.4 Change Log   Version 1.3 Change Log