Injured Ai script provide a little more realistic fight against Ais for player.
When player shot ais , there is a chance that ais fall down with ragdoll and injured and unconscious with animations and begging for help.
Here is demo mission with some descripts in there how script work.
Tested on sp and mp and zeus
  - Ais unconscious with animations and sounds - Ais team mate will try to help by dragging injured guy and heal him - Smoke drop around injured Ai - React hit for Ais - Injured Ais will die if not get help in 2 minutes - Ais talk with radio or yelling while firing   How to use:  Copy folder and files from demo mission into your mission folder.  Check out init.sqf and injured.sqf and killer.sqf for more setting and add your own sounds.    /*//parameters _this select 0, true or false, ais war voices,ais will talk with radio or yelling while firing, (default = true) _this select 1, true or false, drop smoke around injured ai, (default = true) _this select 2, true or false, drag to cover, dragger will drag injured to covers like bushes or rocks, for longer distance drag set this false, (default = true) _this select 3, unconscious and drag chance, determine chance unit unconscious if got hit, min 0%-100% max (default = 50%) _this select 4, hit react chance, determine chance unit have react animation if got hit, min 0%-100% max (default = 20%) *** Important Note: if you increase hit react chance, it also decrease unconscious and drag chance *** */ _null = [true, true, true, 70, 20] execvm "scripts\injured.sqf";    
Download Demo Mission
Armaholic Download
Steam Workshop
 Mod Version   here is a mod version of injured ai.The mod can run only on the server but if you want to hear injured ais pain and hit sounds, clients must have the mod too.   Download Injured Ai Mod
How to use:  Just move injured ai mod to your mod folder. ******************************************* Disable the mod for a mission: init.sqf dam_injured_ai = false; publicVariable "dam_injured_ai"; exclude a unit from mod: put this code in unit init this setVariable ["dam_ignore_injured",true]; **************************************             PS: some of codes are from forum community members
Update to ver 1.1
- now script working with zeus 
- script will add to spawned units in middle of mission   Update to ver 1.2 - Added hit sounds -Added Finisher sounds   Update to ver 1.3 added dragging action to Ais to drag injured body and heal Added hit react to Ais fix some zeus issues Added timer to injured Ais to die if not get heal   Update to ver 1.4 added voices , ais will talk with radio or yelling while firing fix remove firstaid and medkit fix some performance issues , thanks to hunter1000 added 2 new killer voices added parameters for control script   Update to Ver 1.4.1 Fixed injured dead timer 
Now script run smooth and better   update to ver 1.4.2
separate sound sources for each side
Ais will do regroup after job done"need more tests"