AH-64D Apache Longbow Public Release v1.42 for ArmA3   UPDATE: Source files are available below!     This is our AH-64D originally made for ArmA2, ported to ArmA3 with various bug fixes. This is considered a WIP addon.   What it has:   Same features as ArmA2 version, minus the campaigns and missions. There is only one demo mission included as a familiarization mission.   Bugs:   Numerous. - Gun tracking does not work in multiclient aircraft. - AFM is far from perfect. - PhysX still causes some severe wonky issues. - Targeting scripting and various MPD pages have issues in ArmA3 due to scripting demands. - Too lazy to document all known issues at this time, etc.   Currently, the aircraft is mostly playable in single player and in multiplayer, so it is functional at a minimum. Most of the major bugs have been quashed at this time.   Future Plans:   I have many future plans for the aircraft at this time, however that is all dependent upon my free time and ability to work on them. A much more vast and comprehensive campaign is planned; I am unwilling to expand on the full details of the campaign at this time, as I cannot make any guarantees that it will be done in a reasonable amount of time.     DOWNLOADS   AH-64D v1.43 for ArmA3 (dropbox)   AH-64D v1.43 Source files (dropbox)   Discord channel available here.