Hey guys,
I m thinking about doing a picture in picture bullet cam.
What I ve found upto now is KK's tutorial A Simple Bullet Cam and this command BIS_fnc_liveFeed.
Now I m riddling how to combine that the right way.
KK's Code: player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; _cam = "camera" camCreate (position player); _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"]; waitUntil { if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true}; _cam camSetTarget _missile; _cam camSetRelPos [0,-3,0]; _cam camCommit 0; }; sleep 0.4; _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"]; camDestroy _cam; }; }]; BIS_fnc_liveFeed: /* Description: Display a live feed. Parameters: _this select 0: OBJECT or ARRAY - Live feed source _this select 1: OBJECT or ARRAY - Live feed target _this select 2: OBJECT - Player that will see the feed _this select 3 (Optional): NUMBER - Live feed effects (-1: reset, 0: normal (default), 1: night vision, 2: thermal imaging) Returns: True if successful, false if not. */ // Doesn't need to be run on a dedicated server I think I ve to integrate that BIS function into KKs code block. That shouldnt be the problem.
My problem is that idk how to use that functions paramteters correctly.
0: source - is that an object where the camera is mounted on?
1: target - is that the object the camera is looking at?
2: player - is the feed automatically rendered on the players screen in a little frame? is there a way to manipulate that frame in size and position?
3: effects - okay thats clear for me :-)
Any help would be appreciated.