Hi there, all!

As I draw nearer to concluding work on Resist, I have decided to release a small addon which I hope might be of use to mission / map makers.
Generally, I wasn't completely satisfied with the sewer scene in Approaching Thunder and, after having progressed a little way with 3D modelling (I've still got some way to go!), I opted to create a sewer system from scratch. Now, before going any further, I should address a couple of caveats. First and foremost, the sewer system is not actually underground (though could be, as far as any ambitious map makers are concerned). The idea then, is that a player could enter the sewer via a surface model with an addAction. By means of a fade out / fade in, and some accompanying sound effects, the player could then be teleported to the main sewer network. This leads me to my next important point; to maintain the illusion of being in a subterranean setting, a time shift will be needed (unless you want a fairly well lit sewer system). Items such as the player's watch (and possibly map, if the player is not directly above their real-world location), would also need to be disabled with the relevant commands. If you desire to have a firefight in the sewer, and there is a possibility of the player being killed, an eventHandler would also need to be assigned, to avoid the revolving camera at point of death, thus exposing our sewer as a false environment. On a final note, though there are ladders, they are only for show; I can make it so they can be climbed, but seeing as you will not be underground - where are you going to go? That said, if any terrain designers want to augment this feature, I can edit the p3d files. So, on to the good news!
The sewer models themselves are in sections and will therefore enable custom compositions. They can be connected extremely easily in the new Eden editor and include a few hiddenSelections. Moreover, they have all the expected LODs defined; so, that means that shadows, penetration effects, surface sounds, and interior weapon tails will all work accordingly. A.I. too, will be able to navigate your creations. In time, I plan to add new rooms (thematically linked to the FIA), but they'll only appear when needed for associated work. The other component I would like to implement is water; however, this can be achieved by partially submerging the models at sea.
At its worst, this undertaking will turn out to be a curiosity of limited praticality - at its best, it might provide a stepping stone to taking combat in Arma 3 to (literally!) another level.
Progress Manhole (complete) Sewer Section V1 (complete) Sewer Section V2 (complete) Sewer Section V3 (complete) Sewer End V1 (complete) Sewer End V2 (complete) Sewer End V3 (complete) Sewer Junction (complete) Sewer Room (pending) Sewer Room (FIA) (pending) Sewer Door (pending) Faux Sky (Emissive Plane) (Pending) Screenshots
A selection of in-game WIP screenshots, which may get replaced or be liable to change. Apologies if they're a little dark!
  Detail : Sewer Junction

Detail : Sewer End V1
  Detail : Sewer End V1

  Fighters in the Shadows