Namalsk for Arma III

After a few moths of Work we proudly present you Namalsk ported over to Arma 3 with a very nice face lift.
Me and the Exile Mod Team worked closely together with Sumrak the Original author of Namalsk to bring the island to Arma 3 and upgrade it on a lot of levels.
Currently the download only includes the Map itself, modules and other things included into Namalsk will follow later, maybe even the campaign.

Namalsk Background Story
Namalsk history dates back approximately to the 50s of the last century. In these times, began colonizing islands in the Bering Sea. The former Soviet Union saw clear benefits from use of these islands by intensified tensions of the Cold War. On Namalsk were built military facilities, such as Brensk, Norinsk, Northern and Southern military base, or a spy transmitter on the highest mountain of Namalsk - Seraja.
These buildings also came with the inhabitants, who settled mainly in the north, where today stands the capital city - Vorkuta. Residents began to live on Namalsk with mainly fishing, the construction of 2 ports - Lubjansk - small port in the north and Tara, a large port on the island just near Namalsk. The southern region later found other than a military use and began to mine coal here. Coal mining has caused the construction of the railway line from the coal mine Sebjan port on the island, called by the port there, Tara. They also built the northern grasslands of the collective farm Jalovisko.
On Namalsk lived in 2008 approximately 1,100 people. With the coming financial Crisis nations around the world began to think more about investments and savings. In 2010 the Russian government has decided to leave some localities, especially in the Bering Sea, among them the island Namalsk. But when after few more months, when government more and more openly talked about moving people, Namalsk stopped responding, there was, after unsuccessful attempts to survey, in May 2011 sent the Russian army. Encountered here, at first glance a deserted island, at second, not so .. What happened next?

You can download the Arma 2 Version of Namalsk including the awesome campaign "Namalsk:Crisis" to find out more about the mysterious place.

- Sumrak the Original Author of Namalsk (
- Lappihuan
- Exile Mod Team (

Special thanks
- Sumrak for creating this awesome map
- Aggro and Spire for project coordination
- M1lkm8n and Smokedog for the outstanding JBAD buildings
- Bohemia Interactive for the Arma series
This work uses the JBAD Buildings with kind permission of M1lkm8n and Smokedog:
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Armaholic gdrive
If you have any questions or issues or suggestions, feel free to post in here.