Pete's Texture Templates     Good evening,

over the last year I've gathered quite an amount of templates for A3's vanilla textures, allowing for quick re-texturing of units, vehicles, and gear. I thought I'd share them here for others to use. Please note that they're by no means professional or anything, it's just what I've learned over the year. Hence the quality might differ from template to template, but most of them will at least save you time when cutting out things from the original files. While I do posses files for most vehicles and uniforms, the initial release will only contain a few refined ones (list below). But I plan to update the selection from time to time. If you require anything specific or need config examples, just let me know in this thread and I'll see what I can do. The most interesting are probably the main uniforms of all three sides and the MX family. All files are done with poor people's Photoshop, GIMP 2, and thus come in the .xcf format. Naming conventions closely relate to the originals. Keep in mind that I just copypasted my templates so there's all kinds of stuff flying around in them.

Before we head on to the list and the download, these fellow modders have also uploaded a great selection of templates:   PSD Templates for NATO Soldiers Nevbox's Texture Resources Community Texture Templates Arma 3 retexture templates by DreamRebel Examples

List of Uploaded Templates Air BLUFOR Blackfoot Hummingbird / Pawnee Ghosthawk Huron INDEP Hellcat Mohawk Buzzard Armour BLUFOR Cheetah / Panther Marshall Slammer Scorcher Sandstorm INDEP Mora Kuma Gorgon Autonomous Darter Greyhawk Stomper Backpacks Carryall Assault Pack Kitbag Fieldpack Camos A few... Cars BLUFOR Hunter HEMTT Civ Offroad Quadbike INDEP Strider Flags Flag Headgear Booniehat Military Cap Light Combat Helmet / Combat Helmet / Enhanced Combat Helmet Modular Helmet Ships Speed Boat HMG/GMG Uniforms BLUFOR Combat Fatigues / Recon Fatigues Civ Coveralls INDEP Combat Uniform T-Shirt Dark Shirt + Pants Pullover + Pants Officer Uniform OPFOR Combat Uniform Pilot Suit Officer Uniform Vests BLUFOR Heavy Vest / GL Carrier BULFOR Plate Carrier Press Vest Tactical Vest INDEP Plate Carrier Weapons MX Family Titan TRG-20/21 MK20 MK18 ABR 7.62mm Mk-I EMR 7.62mm Navid 9.3mm Download
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