I'm working on a mission where a group of players has to defend a location until extraction becomes available. I want the players to choose the extraction zone, however, using a smoke grenade as the landing point. To do this, I want to have a helicopter come towards the squad and search for a colored smoke grenade, and when it sees that it'll land. What I've done so far is make a trigger that causes the extraction helicopter to go towards the squad, however I'm stuck at actually trying to make the extraction point. What I want to do is create a trigger where if it detected a smoke grenade somewhere within it, it would create an invisible helipad on the location of that smoke grenade. The helicopter would then land at that helipad. However, I've been messing around with different scripts all day and I can't seem to get it to work. I tried using nearObject on the condition line of the trigger, and create vehicle on the on act section, but the closest thing to that I was able to figure out was make the trigger spawn a vehicle at a marker location if a character walked in it, which is far from what I want to do. I've seen other heli extraction scripts, but they either don't do what I want or are too complicated for me to figure out. So how do I do this?