BattlEye uses whitelists. This means every software must be allowed, otherwise it's impossible to use it in conjunction with Arma 3. This means that EVERYTHING is pretty much blocked... Safe but annoying. So far we know that OpenTrack, TrackIR 4, TeamViewer, TSNotifier, most of ACE3, etc. are blocked. If you have any .dll that gets blocked by BattlEye and you think it shouldn't, please follow these steps: Get the name and version of the software
Provide the official download URL to the software
Write down why you think it shouldn't be blocked
Accurate name of the specific .dll that gets blocked
MD5 + SHA-1 hashes of these files
Post these hashes in this thread and I'll email BattlEye on a weekly basis with a compiled list.
Here's a couple of examples: TSNotifier - (overlay for TeamSpeak for showing players' names in the corner of the screen): 32bit: TSNotifierHookDLL.dll MD5: 410fed9d82f07afbb2a8f823c9514869 SHA1: a772ff4b5419f1e4d6edd7e37b91a14dc0963045 TeamViewer - (useful for troubleshooting or learning from other players) 32bit: tv_w32.dll MD5: 77b96b7ecfbaefacd97076053ba1c4f1 SHA1: 72179361b3f4ca08947bde32a610ba95e16d0148 64bit: tv_w64.dll MD5: cda3a5777e0cf405fbcf79e9d9a940d1 SHA-1: 36f580a1833d1d74acaf40b47474695b90f41042 -EDIT: Now that I think about it, can we really whitelist the entire internet? This seems absurd, there must be a better way. Lets wait for an official reply from BE or BI. :p