this Thread is for release the My Standalone Series, like Pilot&Crew Pack, AWS(AirWeaponSystem) and other future Standalone project.
every addon have spoiler button to hide(because tooooo long this post!), so please click the spoiler button want to see.   released files on google drive : No longer available. in long time, Google drive was doing well as one of important mod file distribution source. But now I've decided farewell to google drive and focus on Steam workshop. I know as well some of people probably still download mods from google drive with several reasons, but I hope you understand I'm manage a many mods, and upload & maintain of these to google drive and steam workshop at the same time are really time-taking.   I'm sorry for your inconvenience.   Steam workshop : issue tracker on github for manage issue&feedback. if have any bug/issue or suggestion(AWS, aircrafts) , please submit in there.   If want to see what I'm doing right now, check the trello.   Skin templates   other my aircraft threads F-22 and F-23 AV-8B F-2 Viper Zero A-10 F-16 F-14 F-15 Hornet Series

F/A-181E Black Wasp II   Su-25SM3 Grach/Frogfoot   Ace combat 7 reskin pack   MQ-81 Harpy   Project Lightning - F-35B Armaverse Ver.   Tanoa Big Hangar     Veterans request skin pack   Huey decal set - main and unsung compatible patch   Project Tornado - New Interpretation C-130 Decal pack   A-6E Intruder TRAM/SWIP   T-45C Goshawk