a shelter for homeless mods     Through last year I scattered here and there small side projects, too small for separate threads. But recently realized, for certain, practical reasons I should gather all of them in the one, common place, where those trifles could be discussed, updates announced etc. So here it is, central hub, a shelter for all of them.

    1. Bigger Trunks   For those, who want to stash in the A3's vehicles more, than their default trunks could hold. With this trunks become much roomier, still proportional to the kind of vehicle. In the reasonable limits of course.   Source code:
  2. Liability Insurance   Although hopefully driving AI will be fixed any decade, till then here is LI, workaround for the problem of vehicles ramming to death allied infantry, especially along the roads. They will still ramming allied infantry, sadly, but thanks to LI not to death. Units are now immune to damage caused by not hostile vehicle collisions.

Not really my idea, I just put things together.

Source code:  
    3. Incognito   AI is well known for its amazing spotting skills. They'll recognize, you're hostile even if it's dark, you're unarmed, far and hidden inside a civilian vehicle. You can admire these skills as before or use Incognito mod. In current state Incognito makes you and your group not attacked by enemies as long you don't act in the compromising way or close too much to them. More thorough description here. It's still early version though, with significant room for improvements. Requires CBA.

Source code:
  Post Scriptum   For those, who want learn more about my A3 projects, here are:

HETMAN - Artificial Leader (field commander level AI)
FIRE FOR EFFECT: The God of War (autonomous AI artillery)
ARTEMIS - Hunting Instinct AI (animal-like predator AI)

Pilgrimage (dynamic SP mission)
HETMAN: War Stories (dynamic SP battle generator)
Ngwa-ngwa-dinta (short SP mission)

Problematic Scripts Museum collection (weird scripts of unclear use):   DRUNKEN MARATHONER
HECTIC MUSE       Projects are released under APL-SA license.